Return to Your Senses – 4 sessions – L.A. Eco-Village – Watch for scheduling

Trainings for health care workers, activists, councilors*

Any event that overwhelms a person’s ordinary capacity to cope: accidents, illness, birth…, may result in post traumatic symptoms that influence behaviors and  interactions.

Return to Your Senses introduces you to therapeutic, engaging, un-intrusive approaches that can

  • offer trauma-informed interactions to all clients 
  • reduce potential re-traumatization for client with trauma histories   
  • reduce providers’ burnout and compassion fatigue

Return to Your Senses introduction

  • We explore how stress, busy lives and trauma can cut off or mute essential sensory information.
  • We experiment with language and other forms of connection that create space for change.
  • We practice non-invasive information gathering and listening that maximizes empowering care and minimizes stress.
  • We utilize a variety of sensory modalities to help people re-connect with themselves.

Earn a 2 hour Professional Development Certificate upon completion of each session..

Return to Your Senses Topics for each sessions in this series:

  1.   Sensory awareness informs self- care; Compassion Fatigue, Burnout,
  2.   Boundaries, Tracking, Interviews, Imagery
  3.   Trauma Cycle, Unwinding Trauma, Trauma needs a way out: Movement
  4.   Communication, Client directed contact, Space for change, Therapeutic Play.
  5.   Ground emotional release, Ethics, Illness, Integrate Sensory Awareness with client directed contact
  6.   Pregnancy,  Integrate Sensory Awareness with client directed contact

Sessions 1, 2 & 4 are pre-requisite for sessions 5 & 6

* Who should attend?

Massage Therapists and other bodywork practitioners
Occupational therapists, physical therapists, mid-wives, doulas
Nurses, health care assistants, EMTs, doctors
Guidance councilors, community councilors, AA sponsors, therapists
Social & political activists

When: 4th Wednesday each month January – June, 2016
Where: Los Angeles Eco Village near Vermont Ave & First St.
Suggested donation includes handouts: $12 per session; $60 for all 6 sessions.

To Register: email or Phone (no texts): 213-427-9471

Please register by January 25 for session 1.   Classes are small.

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Contact Information

117 Bimini Place #221
Los Angeles CA 90004