Watch for our 2017 Schedule of Special Events at L.A. Eco-Village

Check this page often for dates to be announced:


Affordable Housing and Transportation from an Urban Ecovillage Point of View:  Yes!  Our very own  L.A. Eco-Village members Joe Linton, Adonia Lugo, Jimmy Lizama, Lara Morrison and Lois Arkin will share their individual and collective perspectives on this critical topic.  Watch for the date.  Let us know if you’re in for this one.

Gabriela Sosa gives a book talk on her new not-yet-released book:  “Love in the Time of Taksim” – a moving, informative and sometimes humorous novel set in Turkey during Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Conference and the Gezi Park protests.

Nora Kramer, Los Angeles Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition   Why end Factory Farming: environment? animal rights? workers’ rights? public health?  Come hear Nora’s dynamic take on these critical issues.  You will want to book her right away to come speak to your groups.

James Rojas and his Place It!  workshop.  Urban planner, community activist, and artist, James has developed an innovative public-engagement and community-visioning method that uses art-making as its medium. Through this method he has engaged thousands of people by facilitating over four hundred workshops and building over fifty interactive models around the world.  Plan to join James and LAEV members and residents in this fun activity to think and plan for the further manifestation of the Los Angeles Eco-Village.

Reinventing Money in Relation to Place!   This may be the most important area we work in collectively as we move into the next few years.  Lots of good models are out there.  Can we intermingle and combine them for the “biggest bang for more-than-a-buck” in our own neighborhoods?  Stay tuned.

Death Midwife Olivia Bareham, founder of Sacred Crossings,  gives us an Introduction to Death Midwifery & Home Funerals. A lively evening with films, stories and discussion to illustrate a more cooperative and ecological way of moving on…

Creating Tiny House Villages in Los Angeles with members of the LATCH Collective (Los Angeles County Co-Building Haven).  How do we do it?  Where do we do it?  Why do we do it?
Other events we’re thinking about or
planning for our 2017 lineup:

– Update on the worker co-op movement in Los Angeles
– A quickie primer in Permaculture
– Basic composting and how to make it happen in your building or neighborhood
– Coming together to measure our Carbon Footprints
– Start an organic food buying co-op in your neighborhood
– Dew collection systems
– Recreating the Plaza in the L.A. Eco-Village intersection of Bimini and White House Place

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