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partially updated July 2019.    Please check contacts: Some listings may not be current.


What you will find on this Page:
–  Introduction
–  Disclaimer
–  Living in Los Angeles Eco-Village
–  Listings, including apartment Units available in and adjacent to the Los Angeles Eco-Village| neighborhood, and other LA Area Intentional Communities with Openings
–  Other opportunities to rent or buy in ecovillages and intentional communities.
–  Directory: L.A. Area Intentional Communities
–  Homesharers’ Check List
–  Structural Conflict in Community



This page is primarily for those in the greater Los Angeles area who have openings in their intentional communities or are seeking to be part of an intentional community.   You may have or be seeking to be part of a shared house, a cohousing group, a cooperatively owned or organized apartment building or neighborhood,  a start-up ecovillage or the retrofitting of an existing neighborhood to an ecovillage.

You may also be looking for people to loan or invest money in yours or another eco community project.  Or you may be interested in finding persons with discretionary money to use in your  eco community project.   For more information and Directories on intentional communities, cohousing and ecovillages throughout the country and the world, please see and and

We will try to update this page on a regular basis, and work toward making it interactive.

For guidelines on home-sharing, see “Homesharers’ Checklist” below or google <homesharers’ checklist> for more guidelines.

The listings below are in no particular order except that the most recent listings will be at the top of the lists.   Please let us know when you have found one another through this page and/or when you would like to have your listing deleted or revised.

Postings on this page may not necessarily reflect the values of CRSP , USTU Co-op, the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust or the Los Angeles Eco-Village Intentional Community.  Since this page is available to the public, neither CRSP nor the Los Angeles Eco-Village can assume any responsibility for how the information is used.  We always recommend that you thoroughly check out and require references that you trust if you are considering any type of investment or loan or house sharing.

Living in Los Angeles Eco-Village Neighborhood
partments are available in the Los Angeles Eco-Village neighborhood on a fairly regular basis.  Generally housing in the LAEV neighborhood is at market rate rents.  Community owned buildings (by the Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana Housing Co-op or the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust) have substantially below market rate rents, but generally require membership in the LAEV Intentional Community in order to be eligible for such housing.  Go here for LAEV-IC member info.

Apartment sizes in the LAEV neighborhood range from singles to two and three bedroom units.  LAEV Intentional Community Membership involves a complex process over a four to six month period or longer. Please be sure you are on our mailing list and get notified of our gatherings.  Contact to be added.  See listings below for  other LAEV neighborhood housing opportunities which do not require LAEV Intentional Community membership.


Note about the LAEV listings:   If you choose to follow up on  living within the LAEV two block neighborhood of Bimini and White House Place and adjacent, we hope that you will be enthusiastic about living without private car ownership (we’re very bike and transit oriented; there are close by car rentals, and the possibility of informal car sharing when one is  in need).  We hope you will share LAEV values and that you want to live more cooperatively and ecologically and that you already have, or are enthusiastic about getting, the knowledge and skills to do so.

Although some of the  listings in the LA Eco-Village neighborhood are not within our intentional community, they are close enough to LAEV that many participation opportunities may be available to you.


Singles available at the Rayfield**(south end of LAEV Neighborhood).  Full kitchens, courtyard, across from Bimini Slough Ecology Park and the Bresee Foundation, and adjacent to Vons at Second and Bimini.  Starting about $1,250. One year lease.  213/368-1328.   More info here  
Occasionally very large 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in the south end of the LAEV Neighborhood.  Market rent, probably about $2,300 plus utilities.  Good for 2 to 4 folks who want to live in the LAEV neighborhood.  Contact Lois for details and/or to check for openings.

The Chadwich at 209 South Westmoreland Avenue** (LAEV adjacent).  Mainstream resort living:  swimming pools, gyms, lighted tennis and basketball courts, Jacuzzi, and more, adjacent to Bimini Slough Ecology Park, Bresee Foundation and Youth Center, and Vons, Ralphs, Rite-Aid, and, of course LA Eco-Village.   Studios starting at $1,700 plus one and two bedroom from $1,700.  Check it out at:         


From time to time, we accept project based internships. 
Your living expenses  would be approximately $1,000 per month (rent, food, transportation, leisure activities).   Send letter of inquiry and resume to Lois at   or call 213/738-1254.
In Other Los Angeles Area Intentional & Shared Housing Communities
Live/Learn/Share POSTED 7/30/19

Opportunity to live at Eco-Home, learn and share with Julia Russell, one of the pioneers of the sustainable urban living movement. She retrofitted her early California bungalow to become an environmental demonstration home that helped launch the national eco-home movement in the early 1980s.

On Sept. 1st, 2019, I bedroom will be available in her 2 bedroom 1 bath home where you will participate with Julia to maintain the earth-wise lifestyle she developed here. Your bedroom is private the bathroom, kitchen, dining, living room and front porch plus front yard and back yard are shared with Julia.

Excellent opportunity to learn by doing and to experience, first hand, day by day, the imperatives and the rewards of living in alignment with the natural life support systems of our home planet.

Walkable Los Feliz neighborhood, close to shops, theater, restaurants and public transit. About 3 miles north of LA Eco-Village.

$650 per mo. + utilities.  Housekeeping, garden maintenance and garden produce are shared with Julia, and excess garden yield is also shared with neighbors and others. Initial 3-month trial period to ensure compatibility.

Call 323-662-5207 and ask for Julia.                          POSTED 7/30/19


Synchronicity has an opening from time to time
We are a community of people living in a craftsman house in Koreatown, sharing food, art, life, and space! We share evening meals Mondays through Thursdays, have house meetings on Monday nights, and put on a monthly art sharing event called The Salon every first Friday. We are looking for people who are interested in sustainable living, sharing resources, respecting each other and neighbors, and contributing to the community with your knowledge, skills, and heart.

1. Do you have any other experiences with community? What are you attracted to about this community in particular?
2. How could you see yourself, with your distinctions or abilities or personality, contributing to the community?
3. What is an example of a time you had a difficult interpersonal conflict with someone and successfully worked through it? What did you learn from this situation?
4. What are your passions? How could these be integrated into your dream community?
5. What do you like to do with your free time?
6. How often do you partake in substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs? What are your beliefs on using these substances?
7. How do you maintain your financial stability (a job, student loans, savings, a combo)?
8. At this time, if you moved in, how long do you see yourself living in the community?
9. When are you looking to move in, and when’s your deadline for an answer from us?
10. Please give us a few references who we can call – include former roommate(s) and/or landlord(s) if possible!

Thanks! We like to have people come over for dinner and meet us, so let us know when you’re free for that as well.


From time to time:

Private ROOM with private FULL BATH, and its own  walk in closet AVAILABLE IN GROUP HOUSE WEST SAN FERNANDO VALLEY – CALIFORNIA $875/mth includes utilities & Internet.  Penfield Group House is the home of Terry Lee Brussel, founder and organizer of Live the Dream. Many of our concepts on relationships come from Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Our home is a beautiful one in a nice neighborhood of the West San Fernando Valley. It has two fireplaces, a high ceilinged grand living room, dining area and big country kitchen. Washer and dryer available. We have a clothing optional hot tub. We share good conversation, holidays, outings, special occasions, hugs… and household chores.

Imagine coming home to a beautiful house, a well kept yard filled with flowers and trees. Space for a garden if you have a green thumb. The fire place may be lit if it is winter. You come home to the smell of something delicious being cooked by one of your housemates. Or perhaps you are the housemate doing that cooking—that nurturing. You share a good dinner with whoever is at home tonight. Afterward, you might enjoy the massage chair, go to the privacy of your room, soak in the hot tub with good friends, join a lively discussion in the living room or cuddle by the fire. Sound good? MAKE YOUR FANTASY A REALITY…

Note: Office manager position for in house hypnotherapy and coaching business is available  to someone with at least one year of experience in such a job+some sales experience sufficient to book business from incoming calls .   35 hrs a week  pays room, board, commissions and profit sharing bonuses.  References required. Must plan on staying at least 6 mos. to be eligible for this.

If you have an interest in living in a lovely home with warm, caring, like minded people
Call (818) 886-0069 Ext. 3


Mar Vista – (possibly on-going).   I’ve volunteered a lot at the Learning Garden the last six months.  I’m at the east end of Mar Vista, by Palms Middle School, near Palms and overland. We have a nice two bedroom apt. I work from home as a health intuitive.  Two people okay. All utils+wifi internet paid. Communal two bedroom apartment.  Shared bath. Full kitchen. Residential section north-west from Overland & Palms 90034.  Clean ground floor apartment with beautiful wood floors. No pets, we tried. No garage parking. Street parking. Terrific bus service to all colleges. Who’s there now? One cook in last quarter of culinary school. One self-employed Health Intuitive/author working from home, veteran of Eastwind and Prana, two large intentional communities. – Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson, MSS, MA Initial gift session to anyone who has not worked with me before, professionally. Skype: selfhealingcoach Home office:
Bruce Dickson 310-280-1176
Room $750.


From time to time, we have some rooms available in Gaia Sangha Eco Community   Located in Mar Vista near the 405 and 10 freeways.  Inquire about openings here:
If there are openings, please fill out an application, if interested, here:


From time to time, the Sugar Shack, a longtime Los Angeles artists’ collective community home in the Los Angeles Mid-City area, has room openings. $750 for single occupants, $1000 for couples (double check to make sure rates are current). Includes all utilities, Wi-Fi, and warehouse work space. We are a group of artists, musicians and healers sharing a 10 bedroom Victorian home conveniently located in the middle of Los Angeles. Come enjoy our gardens, roof deck, community room, warehouse and Ping Pong table. No pets.  For more info, email  or call Brian  818-640-7586


From time to time, there are openings in this community:
Highland Park.  HM157 occasionally seeks a resident to fill a vacancy.  Rent about $550 per month plus $550 deposit (includes utilities). We are an artists’ collective that is focused on making the world a better place through music & art. We teach self-sufficiency & use ecologically-minded practices as much as possible. Our living and working space consists of a large Victorian house and three mobile homes in back.  We Seek tidy, organized, easygoing team player types with skills to contribute to our artist cooperative collective. Please, no moody/grouchy types.  We will ask for references. Also, NO hard drugs or heavy drinking and no couples (sorry, it’s a space issue). To Apply:  Fill out the application at:  and then make an appointment to see the place by emailing:  We look forward to hearing from you. Please check out our website for more info on the collective.

:  3110 N. Broadway   Lincoln Heights (LA!)   90031


Technicolor Tree Tribe (A house on 28th and Vermont near USC in LA)

(from time to time, there are openings in this community)

We strive to bean anti-racist, environmentally conscious, political, inclusive group of people. Originally, we formed through students involved in labor rights group SCALE (Student Coalition Against Labor Exploitation), Environment First, and eventually worked to form Campus and Community United, to form an alliance between USC students and non-student community members to stop the displacement of working-class families. Now many of us are part of the Progressive Alliance that is a larger coalition of these groups and more.  We live a co-op lifestyle eating communal dinners, promoting and hosting political activities such as the Anti-Columbus day/Indigenous People’s week parade, a Vegan Brunch for the community, Food Not Bombs cooking, and a frequent meeting ground for Women’s Creative Collective for Change (activist artists teaching tools of healing and storytelling).  We welcome anyone interested in our goals and integrating a coop lifestyle as part of their own.   Any interested folks, please fill out application and send it to, or 

For more info
join our Facebook group  or check out our block at 
and check us out on the Intentional Communities website


LA Area Intentional Communities Directory 

If you are an intentional community and want to be added to this list, please email me with your contact info:  Lois:
I know there are many more intentional communities right here in the LA area, especially in Silverlake, Echo Park, Highland Park and Pasadena.
Let’s start getting together more regularly, sharing stories, policies, problems, referrals.  For a comprehensive directory of intentional communities throughout the U.S. and the world, see

Here are the communities I (Lois) am familiar with:

Los Angeles,  Silverlake:  Aglago House:  <>

Los Angeles, West Adams District: Synchronicity LA:

Los Angeles, Central West:  Sugar Shack:

Los Angeles, USC area, Ellis Island:

Los Angeles, Koreatown/Wilshire Center/East Hollywood:  Los Angeles Eco-Village:

Los Angeles, westside:  Gaia Sangha:

Los Angeles, Technicolor Tree Tribe, USC area

Mar Vista:  Unity Hearth Community:

Pomona: Regen Co-op of Pomona:

Santa Monica Cohousing Group (forming):


 Homesharers Checklist 

At a minimum, the following should be discussed before you make a commitment to a home sharing arrangement:

– Likes and dislikes

– Smoking and drinking

– Division of household expenses

– Recycling and composting knowledge/commitments

– Conservation consciousness: electric, gas, water, auto use

– Consumer orientation: light, medium, heavy shopper, shopaholic tendencies?

– Visitors (friends, relatives, lovers: how often?  late or overnight?  Children?  Adults?)

– TV habits (hours watched, programs watched, how many,  if any, TVs)

– Late night or early morning person

– Music (volume and type)

– Food (eating habits, cooking responsibilities, food expenses)

– Storage (furniture, personal items)

– Sleep habits

– Methods of dealing with conflict or disagreements

– Cars (how many, what arrangements, parking situation)

Bikes (how many, what arrangements, parking situation)

– Active-homebody

– Talkative-quiet

– Time needed alone

– Hobbies

– Religious or spiritual affiliation/orientation

– Organizational memberships – range of activism

– Division of household chores

– Division of yard work

– Financial responsibility (willing to share mutual credit checks; how much debt, if any,  does person have)?

– Pets

– Transportation

– Traveling (weekend visiting, time spent away from home)

Shared by CRSP     117 Bimini Pl. #221     Los Angeles CA 90004     213/738-1254

Structural Conflict in Community

Learn more about what it is and how to deal with it in Diana Leafe Christian‘s books:
Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools for Starting Ecovillages and Intentional Communities

Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community

If you live in or are considering moving to an intentional community, make sure it is free of Structural Conflict.  Safe advice from Diana:

1.  Identify the community vision and make sure there are vision documents
2.  Make sure there is a fair, participatory decision making process appropriate for the group.  And if it is consensus, make sure everyone is trained in it, and that the community offers training opportunities.
3. Make sure their are clear agreements, and that they are in writing.
4. Make sure there is an emphasis in the community on good communication and group process skills,  that there is a conflict resolution process in place, and that the community makes conflict resolution a high priority.
5.  Make sure that the members have a safe level of emotional maturity
6.  Make sure there is a good balance of head skills and heart skills in the community..

Well, every community may not have all this down perfectly, but they should be working on moving toward resolving any of these issues.

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