LAEV Welfare Committee


The LAEV Welfare Committee has formed out of a recognition that with varying levels of means and income among residents of LAEV, some USTU members are interested in and able to provide support – both financial and otherwise – to fellow residents who are experiencing times of temporary acute hardship.

By engaging with residents’ requests for support on a case by case basis and pooling the skills, knowledge and donations of its members, the Welfare Committee aims to ensure that all LAEV residents can access an avenue of support when they need it most, thus strengthening LAEV’s mission to demonstrate higher quality of living patterns in a challenging urban environment.

The Committee will begin with a three month trial to determine its efficacy.

Trial Period Guidelines:

  • Committee Fund:
    We aim to grow a committee fund that sustains the equivalent of three months’ USTU rent ($1,800). Donations from USTU members will be sought through online contributions in addition to monthly fundraising events including dinners and movie screenings. Payments can be electronic or in cash, towards an account. All donations will be anonymized. Donations will be made to the committee as a whole, not in support of an individual request.
  • Requests for Support:
    Residents requesting committee support will be asked to complete a questionnaire, allowing committee members to determine the specifics of the request. Committee members may be able to recommend support options to the applicant as an alternative to providing financial assistance. In these cases, it is anticipated that applicants will need to be willing to engage with such recommendations in order to be eligible for financial support. Individual requests should not exceed the equivalent of one months’ rent (approx. $600). This funding does not necessarily have to be applied to rent, but may include other needs.
  • Committee Liaisons:

We will employ a liaison process similar to Bienvenidos to administer communication with applicants. Liaisons will not be required to advocate for their applicant nor shoulder any extra support duties or financial responsibility.

  • Committee Membership and Decision Making:

We plan to facilitate all committee decisions, including financial assistance, via a super-majority process (66%), with flexibility to adapt to different requests. Decisions will be closed to committee members. The committee will include an orientation process as a prerequisite to membership. The committee will meet monthly.

  • Dialogue with USTU Management Committee:

The Welfare Committee will maintain a regular dialogue with the USTU Management Committee to ensure that any welfare actions support the Management’s own community responsibilities and legal compliance requirements. To a degree, the Welfare Committee has been created as a way to reduce the need for Management to immediately respond to all cases of late, missing or underpaid rent, offering a temporary support package to residents while solutions are sought. We also acknowledge that the Welfare Committee, in its current scope, is unable and unsuited to sustain long-term, recurring support to residents, and that in such cases decision-making responsibility will revert to USTU Management.

Please consider making a one time or recurring contribution today!

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