Livelihood Opportunity in LA Eco-Village

Updated 8/14/2019:

CRSP and L.A. Eco-Village founder Lois Arkin is trying to get serious about Succession Planning.  If you think you’ve

Happy Earth Day from the Los Angeles Eco-Village Intentional Community – 2017

got what it takes to provide co- or tri-directorship (or an aspiring internship to such heights) of the 39 year old organization that has had only Lois as its Executive Director all these years, make contact.

Keep in mind that the successful candidate(s) will be seeking to live in the LAEV neighborhood and possibly be part of the LAEV Intentional Community.

Working with CRSP is about a different way of being in our  City, definitely not just a job.  It will help a lot if you have an independent income, and will not be dependent on a salary the first year, as this will likely be a volunteer position until you can raise the money for a salary.  

If you are debt free, car-free, pretty healthy, and free of consumerist culture, you can live pretty comfortably on about $1,200 a month if you live in USTU’s large co-op building or in shared apartment in the LAEV two block neighborhood or adjacent.

It’s exciting work that can make a real difference in people’s lives.  But it’s also full of administrative details, along with daily consulting with folks striving to reinvent their neighborhoods and  their multi-family buildings, plus public advocacy, giving tours, urban planning, membership development, social media, website/news updating, interesting and not-so-interesting meetings, gardening, community organizing, grants development and more–all integrated into a car-free ecologically sensitive lifestyle.

If you’re authentically walkin’ the talk, feel a deep connection with the earth and have substantial eco-systems knowledge, send along a resume, or bio, or CV and make contact.  Best if you live locally, because relationship building is critical, both with Lois and the LAEV community.  Spanish and/or Korean language skills a plus and plenty of positive Chutzpah along with being a good listener.

More info: or Lois at 213-738-1254

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