Telematique is Aurisha Smolarski and Somer Waters, Telematique, a unique violin/cello duo blending classical with pop song sensibility. They construct live loops of violin, cello and add dreamy vocals, often sung in French, energy from the audience and surrounding environment to weave a tapestry of sound. Interactive live visuals are projected onto Aurisha and Somer, thus luring the audience into a full visual and auditory experience. They perform at local venues, art events and multi-media events around LA such as “Not A Cornfield” in conjunction with their “Day of The Dead” event as well as their closing party/show. They have also performed at a Lili Lakich’s, a prominent Neon artist in Los Angeles, open house art exhibit as well as the Bicycle Kitchen’s benefit bash. They have done short European tours where they played in Paris, France as well as in Poznan,Poland. They performed and composed music for dance performance “Bound” a solo dance piece by Sarah Elgart at the Electric Lodge and performed at the C.I.C.L.E event “Life Can be So Car Free” at The Los Angeles Historic Park. They have most recently performed at The Hammer Museum in conjunction with “Bike Night at the Hammer” event. Telematique co-produced and performed a visual and sonic piece in conjunction with the closing of Olga Koumoundouros: Demand Management at the REDCAT Gallery. They also produced and performed a multi-media piece for the Actions, Conversations, and Intersections exhibit at the Municipal Art Galley in Barnsdall Park.

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117 Bimini Place #221
Los Angeles CA 90004