Starting an Intentional Community – 5 week course starts Feb 4, 2021

This is the foundational online course for anyone endeavoring to start an intentional community

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime as you learn with participants from around the world who are endeavoring to create ecovillage, cohousing, coliving and permaculture communities. You’ll receive dedicated support and expert advice to guide you through the steps necessary to create the community of your dreams. Whether you are just getting a group together or already have a piece of property to develop, starting a community has never been more compelling for than it is right now, in a time of crisis. With the guidance of Yana Ludwig, you can avoid the common pitfalls of community building and set your group on a path towards success!

Course Outcomes

  • Clarity on the reasons to start a community… and not to
  • Understand the breadth of work involved with a start-up
  • Craft a good vision statement
  • Key traits of successful community founders
  • Decision-making, conflict resolution, and membership process design considerations
  • 15 spectrums that help define what kind of a community you are creating
  • Social dynamics and skill development for healthy culture
  • Economic choices for sustainability and group cohesion
  • Key questions for creating a lasting community
  • Learning how to attract new members
  • Developing property search criteria
  • Legal considerations and business planning basics

Sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Communities:

Complete Schedule for Course Starting on Feb 4, 2021


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