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Kibbutz Lotan is an Eco-Jewish intentional, collective community based on a creative approach to egalitarian Judaism and a deep commitment to environmental protection. An Eco-Jewish community linking the spirit and the earth, educating its children to love and protect the environment, connecting them to their Jewish heritage while adapting tradition to contemporary lifestyles. Watch here.

Ganas Community started on Staten Island in 1979. The original founders came together to form a self-selected extended family based on an intention to care for each other while sharing the work, having fun and addressing whatever problems arise, together. Open minds make it possible to talk together and understand each other better. Ongoingly, they are learning how to cooperate, care for each other and share resources. Watch here.

Maleny Ecovillage is the first eco-project of Eco Villages Australia (EVA).  EVA is a non-profit that holds shared land in perpetuity for community, nature and affordable housing. Instead of buying or renting housing, EVA has created a membership model so that, when we have multiple villages, its members can move freely among them. EVA has almost 1500 members, but only 6 residential at this stage. Watch here.

Las Cañadas Bosque de Niebla is a center for agro-ecology and permaculture, situated in one of the last remaining islands of the Bosque de Niebla- the forest of mist-, in Mexico’s central Veracruz region. There, permaculture is used as a design tool with the aim of learning how to implement and share a sustainable way of living. It is continuously developing creative solutions to solve both social and environmental problems that persist in this era of accelerated climate change. Watch here.

ReGen Village, and it’s VillageOS™ operating system software and ReGenerative Villages Simulator™ will enable the replication and global scaling of regenerative resiliency to meet the challenges of safe, healthy and secure communities in dynamically changing times. Watch here. We hope you enjoy it!

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