Some Eco-Village Members

There are many talented and skilled folks who live in Los Angeles Eco-Village. Please consider their professional services, arts, crafts, performances, products, and consultant services when you need to make such purchases.

Lily Xu

Lily Xu: Lily is a PhD student studying computer science at the University of Southern California. She conducts research in machine learning and artificial intelligence, specifically how AI can be applied to issues in social good. Currently, she is working on a project to combat illegal wildlife poaching in national parks around the world by building predictive models of where poaching is likely to occur and planning park ranger patrol routes accordingly. Learn more at her website: She is also passionate about cooking, dancing, and the outdoors.



Autumn Rooney: Autumn is co-founder and treasurer of the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization (Arroyo S.E.C.O) a non-profit built to educate and create greater access to Time Banking, Micro lending and the Solidarity Economy in Los Angeles.  She is also a member of the LAEV Family Child Care Cooperative, focused on nurturing a future generation of peacemakers by teaching non-violent communication.  Her most important work is being a mother to her young son Nelson.


Anaisabel Mercado

L.A. Eco-Village community member Anaisabel is an artist, producer and permaculture designer, currently developing an ecosystem restoration project in Colombia ( She enjoys using her design skills to transform spaces in order to beautify them and make them more efficient, utilizing the existing elements and repurposing others. In a similar way, she enjoys designing experiences, having curated art exhibits as well as dinners, where resourcefulness and creativity take center stage. Her cooking is plant-based and inspired by local and in-season foods. Enjoy!

aurisha photo

Aurisha Smolarksi, MA, LMFT., Therapy for individuals and couples.   Details here:


Bruce Dobb

Bruce Dobb: Bruce is a partner of Concerned Capital, a boutique investment firm in downtown Los Angeles that helps businesses find government incentives and transition to new ownership. He holds an MBA in finance and served as Chief Credit Officer for the Valley Economic Development Center.


Carol Springer: 
Carol is a retired nurse, licensed massage and trauma touch therapist, helps people feel better with bodywork sessions that engage the individual in their self care.   The subtle, intuitive  Cranial / sacral and Myo-fascial approaches help balance the nervous system, improve function and flexibility. Trauma Touch Therapy™ is a series of body-centered sessions for people with any kind of trauma history, post traumatic stress or the compassion fatigue that caregivers and first responders often experience. Working at the Eco-Village makes the cost of this work more affordable. Please see Carol’s website: for more information, or email:

Jessica Ruvalcaba

Jessica Ruvalcaba is a Mom, Waldorf teacher, artist and award winning filmmaker.  She lives with her husband Devon Fitzgerald and their son Eli, and about to be new baby




Jimmy Lizama: Relampago Wheelery is a source for custom wheel builds, dynamo lighting, personalized bicycle Relampago Wheelery is a source for custom wheel builds, dynamo lighting, personalized bicycle design and upgrades, and a forum for the continuing dialogue of why bicycles are so important for the health and future of Los Angeles.  Contact:


Painting by Joe Linton

Joe Linton: 
Art and notecards, posters, flyers, paintings:
Joe’s blogs about the L.A. River here:
Joe consults on transportation, water conserving gardens, bicycling and more.  Joe also is the editor of StreetsblogLA, a daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities..   Contact:

EcoMaya Festival at LA Eco-VillageJulio Santizo, EcoMaya Festival producer. EcoMaya Festivals have been happening in L.A. since 1992 produced with the endless energy of Eco-Villager Julio Santizo.  Volunteers are welcome to get involved in planning and helping to manifest the Festival.  Contact Julio at
or 323/377-0973.  Watch for Festival details.  The Festival is free and open to everyone.

Julio R. Santizo
(a different Julio Santizo from EcoMaya Festival Producer):  Computer repair: hardware and software, troubleshooting:


lara photoLara Morrison is a co-founder of the Urban Soil-Tierra Urbana Limited Equity Housing Cooperative, the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust and its multi-school White House Place Learning Garden.  She is a co-founder and board member of both of those LAEV organizations.  Lara is a full time volunteer coordinating the activities of the BVCLT.  A 20 year resident of the Los Angeles Eco-Village,  she holds a Masters Degree in Bioethics and lives with her two cats.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, keeping  on top of progressive politics, and working on legislative issues for more sustainable communities.


Laura Allen, co-founder Greywater Action (formerly Greywater Guerrillas) .  Using water from sinks, showers and washing machines to irrigate plants is a way to increase the productivity of sustainable backyard ecosystems that produce food, clean water, and shelter wildlife.  Workshops, consulting, public talks, installations.
Greywater recycling    Rainwater harvesting    Composting toilets    New Water Cultures

Sadly, Laura has relocated with her husband, Peter Ralph and child Arlo, to Eugene Oregon where she will be continuing her work with Greywater Action and working on a new book.  Read about or order her first book,
The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape


lois photoLois Arkin is the founder and Executive Director of CRSP, the initial developer of the Los Angeles Eco-Village.  She provides public tours of L.A. Eco-Village, consults with intentional communities, ecovillages and cohousing communities on process and development issues, and gives public talks on Los Angeles Eco-Village for a diverse number of organizations, conferences, fairs, and festivals. She is also a passionate advocate for reducing auto ownership and dependency in Los Angeles and helping groups to transform their urban neighborhoods into more sustainable communities.  Contact her at or 213/738-1254


michelle photo
Michelle Wong: LAc MSOM,
Physician of Chinese Medicine at Costa Acupuncture>  Michelle also does healing teas and is a Certified Acupuncturist.   Contact Michelle at:



somer photo Somerset Waters. Pacific Electric Worker Co-op LLC.  Somerset Waters (“Somer”) wears multiple hats at Pacific Electric Co-op, including client relations, project manager, and lead electrician.  He has over two decades of experience as an electrician, one decade in the solar industry, and enjoys manipulating energy.  He is a licensed C-10, California Certified Electrician.  The trade runs in his blood: his maternal grandfather was an electrician at a factory in Poland.  His great-grandfather was a mason, a brilliant carpenter, and a master of quality in his projects.  Prior to cofounding Pacific Electric Co-op, Somer was a Journeyman Electrician out of IBEW Local 11 and worked for several large solar companies. Somer and his family live in Los Angeles Eco-Village. He plays the cello and performs with his wife, Aursiha. Watching his daughter grow up makes his heart sing.

Pacific Electric logoPacific Electric is a full service electrical and solar contracting firm based in Los Angeles committed to serving our clients, supporting our workers, creating jobs, and practicing environmental sustainability.  Contact:


Watch for info on more of our LAEV intentional community members in the future.

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