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There are many talented folks wh0 live in Los Angeles Eco-Village. Please consider their arts, crafts, performances, products, and consultant services when you need to make such purchases.

This page is in the process of being updated to introduce you to many more L.A. Eco-Village members.

Arisha Smolarksi, M.A., Therapy for individuals and couples.   Details here:  http://aurishasmolarski.com/

Carol Springer:  Carol is a retired nurse, licensed massage and trauma touch therapist, helps people feel better with bodywork sessions that engage the individual in their self care.   The subtle, intuitive  Cranial / sacral and Myo-fascial approaches help balance the nervous system, improve function and flexibility. Trauma Touch Therapy™ is a series of body-centered sessions for people with any kind of trauma history, post traumatic stress or the compassion fatigue that caregivers and first responders often experience. Working at the Eco Village makes the cost of this work more affordable. Please see Carol’s website: www.mtcwc.com for more information, or email: carol@mtcwc.com.

 Jimmy Lizama: Relampago Wheelery is a source for custom wheel builds, dynamo lighting, and a forum for the continuing dialogue of why bicycles are so important for the health and future of Los Angeles.  Contact:  labikezombie@gmail.com

Painting by Joe Linton

Joe Linton: 
Art and notecards, posters, flyers, paintings:  handmaderansomnotes.wordpress.com
Joe’s blogs about the L.A. River here: http://lacreekfreak.wordpress.com/
Joe consults on transportation, water conserving gardens, bicycling and more.  Contact:  linton.joe@gmail.com



EcoMaya Festival producer. EcoMaya Festivals have been happening in L.A. since 1992 produced with the endless energy of Eco-Villager Julio Santizo.  Volunteers are welcome to get involved in planning and helping to manifest the Festival.  Contact Julio at ecomaya@azteca.net
or 323/377-0973.  Watch for Festival details.  The Festival is free and open to everyone.

Julio R. Santizo melbathorn@yahoo.com (a different Julio Santizo from EcoMaya Festival Producer):  Computer repair: hardware and software, troubleshooting:  juliorsc@usa.net

Laura Allen, co-founder Greywater Action (formerly Greywater Guerrillas) .  Using water from sinks, showers and washing machines to irrigate plants is a way to increase the productivity of sustainable backyard ecosystems that produce food, clean water, and shelter wildlife.  Workshops, consulting, public talks, installations.
Greywater recycling    Rainwater harvesting    Composting toilets    New Water Cultures

Lois Arkin:  Public tours of L.A. Eco-Village, consulting and public talks for transforming urban neighborhoods into more sustainable communities: crsp@igc.org
or 213/738-1254

Melba ThornMelba Thorn: Artist/Art Therapist
Visual Graphics:  www.graphicfacilitation.la
Handmade mosaics, jewelry, crafts:  www.melbathorn.com
Art Therapy  
Functional Art Store www.melbella.com

Michelle Wong: Healing teas and Certified Acupuncture.  Contact Michelle at:

Somerset Waters and Aurisha Smolarksi Waters:  Telematique, a unique classical music duo (cello and violin), more information.

Somerset Waters Housebuilding Project.  Looking for people interested in learning about the construction processes of building a sustainably built cabin which includes progressive framing strategies and roofing, solar thermal and controller electronics.   Location: Crestline, CA 92325 (1- 1/2 hr from downtown Los Angeles).   We have a series of weekends throughout the summer 2014 when we will be building. Vegetarian food/beverage will be supplied. Camping on property available for overnight or extended stays.  Email aurishash@gmail.com if you are interested,  and we will get you more information.

 Somerset Waters. Pacific Electric Worker Co-op LLC.  We are a full service electrical and solar contracting firm based in Los Angeles committed to serving our clients, supporting our workers, creating jobs, and practicing environmental sustainability.  Contact: somerset.waters@gmail.com   http://www.pacificelectric.coop/Somerset.html






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