Food Lobby

Fooe lobby sorting 2016  IMG_4285The LAEV Food Lobby Co-op is a buying club and provides an opportunity for neighbors to purchase organic produce and bulk goods.  Located in the main building of the Los Angeles Eco-Village, near First Street and Vermont Avenue, members may order boxes of fresh produce on a weekly basis, stop in the Bulk Room to buy other foods during its limited open hours and/or order larger amounts of bulk foods monthly from Azure Standard, the wholesale distributor the Lobby currently uses.

Produce Boxes

We buy fresh produce in bulk from local organic farms (much of our produce is organically raised but not certified organic). Once a week on SATURDAYS the food is delivered to the LA Eco-Village, and a rotating group of members get together to sort and distribute the produce into individual boxes. The boxes are then made available for pickup anytime between 1030 – 1PM on Saturdays.

Bulk Buy Info

We buy in bulk from Azure Standard  every four weeks. If you don’t want to shop in the bulk room but place a larger personal bulk order, you will receive information on our monthly drop point when you become a member. We do not split orders, so if you only want a few items, you can shop in the Bulk Room or suggest items for the co-op to carry.

Bulk Room

In March 2009, we started buying bulk foods such as grains, beans, nuts, coffee, spices and other dry, household goods from Azure Standard as well as local farmers and producers. You need to make an investment to your fair share of the cost of buying inventory (suggested $10 – $100). Any money that you don’t use for co-op purchases can be refunded at any time. 

The Food Lobby Bulk Room Store is currently open for members on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM  (or by appointment on other days). 

Work Shifts

One definition of a cooperative is one in which each member contributes equally to make the work get done. To be a part of this co-op, and to allow us to operate with such little overhead costs, each member needs to work one 1 – 2 hour shift every 6 weeks. For those who can’t work on Saturdays sorting produce or working the bulk room, there are several other shifts available like coordinating or admin/tech.

Email List

Our primary mode of communication is digital — via email, private member website and a google group listserv. You will be invited to the website and listserv upon joining for announcements and updates.


We hold quarterly member meetings on select Saturdays in the courtyard or main lobby at the L.A. Eco-Village (117 Bimini Pl, LA 90004). 

Want to Join?

If you’ve checked out the info and are ready to join the co-op, please register at For more information please contact the Member Coordinator at You can also download the MEMBER GUIDE for all the information you need to join. Please share!

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