Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust

Land owned by BVCLT.  Building owned by Urban Soil-Tierra Urbana limited equity housing co-op

The Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust
The Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust (BVCLT) is a nonprofit 501.c.3 organization based in the L.A. Eco-Village (LAEV) two block neighborhood.  Founded in 2007 by LAEV intentional community members, CRSP and Cultivating Sustainable Communities,  BVCLT  specializes in helping to create  permanently affordable housing for low to moderate income households  dedicated to lower impact living patterns.

The BVCLT original mission was to exercise land stewardship as the basis for creating pedestrian-centered neighborhoods emphasizing affordable housing, work and recreational spaces that are economically and socially sustainable, and that integrate urban living with nature.

BVCLT will ensure that the housing it acquires, builds or rehabilitates will remain permanently affordable for successive generations of owners or renters.  The method for ensuring permanent affordability is via the use of a ground lease arrangement with the owner of the improvements on the property. By retaining the right to the land, regardless of the type of legal ownership of the buildings, BVCLT will ensure the selling price is affordable, regardless of current market prices.  More info on community land trusts can be found here:

Current Projects of the BVCLT

White House Place Learning Garden.
The BVCLT has a Joint Use Agreement with the L.A. Unified School District to develop and provide programming for an approximately one-quarter acre site on the northeast corner of Bimini and White House Place in the LAEV neighborhood.  The site is within walking distance of eight public schools, including charter schools.  BVCLT will be working with these schools over the coming years providing the opportunity for place based learning to occur in the Garden.

Bimini Apartments (117 Bimini Pl) and Bimini Terrace (127-133-1/2 Bimini Pl): Land

Ownership of these two buildings has been transferred from the nonprofit CRSP to the nonprofit Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana Limited Equity Housing Co-opAt the same time that the ownership of the buildings transferred in early July 2012, CRSP donated the land to the BVCLTThe USTU Co-0p has a 99 year ground lease with the BVCLT.

The Corner Fourplex (southeast corner of Bimini and White House Place) in the LAEV Neighborhood

        The Kenmore Apartments, a fourplex four blocks west of LA  Eco-Village

Further Information


Membership in the BVCLT is open to people who currently lease land, housing or commercial spaces from the corporation (Lessee Members) as well as anyone with an interest in the work of the BVCLT (General Members). Eligibility for membership requires attending an orientation meeting, payment of dues, and participation in at least 10 hours of training or service to the BVCLT each year.

To inquire about membership in the BVCLT, go here


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