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December 5, 2013
Thank you all who have responded to this announcement.  Currently, we are no longer accepting applications for Resident Co-op Apartment Manager.  We will let you know if and when other opportunities arise.



Date:  October 1, 2013

Employment Opportunity:  Resident Co-op Apartment Manager – Closed as of 12/5/13

Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana (USTU), is a Limited Equity Housing Co-op and an intentional community located in the Los Angeles Eco-Village ( We are seeking an experienced Resident Manager to join our team.  Please send resume to:

Job Summary

The Resident Manager is part of a team whose responsibilities include: the overall daily operations and management of the 45 unit property, as well as some of the activities within leasing, revenue management, fiscal planning, resident, and community relations.

Responsibilities of the Management Team

• To direct & participate in the daily operations of the property
• Maintenance of interior and exterior improvements, including landscaping, on the property
• Overseeing the securing, cleaning & painting of vacated units for occupancy by new residents
• Receiving, recording & depositing rents.
• Maintaining reports & budgets of income and expenses for all purchases and payments
• Works with the appropriate committee to develop a proposed annual operating budget
• Resident Move-in/Move-out: Resident Manager will familiarize a new resident to their apartment, the Rental/Lease Agreement(s) and the Co-op Rules upon move in. Upon move-out will conduct an inspection of unit and assess damages etc.
• Will deal with violations of Co-op rules as defined by the Co-op
• Maintains positive relations with residents


• Bachelor degree strongly preferred, high school diploma required
• 2 years of experience as a Property Manager, or equivalent, with a proven track record of achievements
• Proven proficiency in areas of property management operations
• Strong financial, organizational, analytical and decision-making skills
• Strong internet, word processing and spreadsheet skills
• Must have excellent communication, management, and people skills
• Must be able to work collaboratively with community and management committee

$5-$15,000 part-time, $20-$27,000 full time, depending on duties & experience

About Us
Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana (USTU) is a nonprofit organization whose members share legal and social ownership of two of the buildings in the Los Angeles Eco-Village (LAEV) two block neighborhood. There are approximately 30 members of the USTU co-op. Our mission is to provide permanently affordable housing to very low to moderate income households that sustains a diverse community. Our members join together to publicly demonstrate higher quality living patterns while minimizing negative impacts and expanding public awareness about more sustainable urban living.

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Contact Information

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Los Angeles CA 90004