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“Falling for the Mountain” an evening of film, veggie potluck and dialog, Thursday, December 10, 2015 at from 7 to 10pm

     About the film: Falling for the Mountain, a film by Suzanna Knittel, is the intimate and urgent story of a family (her family) that must come together to steward their ancestral home in the majestic Swiss Alps in the face of climate change, and other modern challenges. Most of these relatives now live in cities, yet all have deep ties to this bucolic land. Now the next generation is coming to terms with the needs of land and of the ancient buildings housed there.
     But never before has this family’s stewardship been more sorely tested.
This is not just the story of one family’s dilemma but an environmental crisis that is repeated all over Europe as contemporary lifestyles and urbanization affect alpine regions. What can be done to preserve this precious resource for all? We are introduced to the farmer who views it this way, and the brother who views it that way. Each must find a way to engage with the great turning from patriarchal ways of management towards more cooperative guardianship of nature. But what shifts need to occur in heart and mind for tending and caring to become the way they connect with one another and the earth? What about the life of the soil and the soul?

More info on the film

L.A. Eco-Village
117 Bimini Place
Los Angeles 90004

7 to 8pm:           Veggie potluck*
8 to 8:30:           Film screening
8:30 to 10:         Dialog about our own experiences and questions with thefilmmaker Suzanna KnittelReservations please: or 213/738-1254

Fee:                                   $15 to $5 sliding scale

* Please bring your own non throw-away eating ware to make this a zero waste event.More about Susanna Knittel:
Susanna’s career as a filmmaker, writer and photo journalist spans 30 years in Europe and in the United States. After working in somatics, she returned to her first medium, Impelled by the culture’s rapid loss of connection with nature and the body. Raised in Switzerland, she divides her time between Santa Monica and Switzerland.

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