Fun Hands-On Compost Workshop Party Sat. Dec. 15 from 2 – 5pm Westwood

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Spirit of the workshop
This workshop is meant to share my knowledge among family, friends, neighbors, friends and trusted circles. The intent is to learn, share experiences, build together in a collaborative manner… and have FUN! All the while learning something very down-to-earth and so useful for us to take responsibility and practice our stewardship of the bit of our beautiful planet earth we walk on.
What’s in the workshop?
  • Why compost?
  • Insight in understanding healthy soil
  • Hands-on activity (it’s more fun when you get your hands dirty!)
  • Different types of composting techniques (garden, wormcompost, hot compost…)
  • Specifics for Californian climate
  • What is the composting method adapted to your situation and use
  • Bonus : The workshop will end with a special in the making permaculture principle garden tour!
For whom?
As I am organizing the workshop at my family’s home I wish this workshop to stay rather intimate. I have only sent the invitation out to friends and trusted circles I know from LA. You are welcome to share the invitation among your interested friends and beloved family. Children are welcome if looked after by responsible bigger children. :-p
Maximum number of participants : 15
Sign up using the form to get the address!
What time?
Workshop is from 2 to 5pm. You are welcome to come starting 1:30pm in order to start on time. We have lots of things to do, and it starts getting dark early!
Workshop will last until 5pm and will be followed by a live music (karaoke) pot-luck!
How much does it cost?
That is up to you!
Give what you think is appropriate, I trust your judgment as to what you can afford and what is the workshop worth.
Know that the profits will be shared between me, the musicians and to help a permaculture project I will be starting in Togo next year.
What to bring:
– an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty
– gardening gloves
– things you’ve always wondered if you should put in your compost bin or not
– things people have always told you (not) to put in your compost
– outdoor chair (folding if possible)
– a water bottle
– food and drinks if you’re staying for the pot-luck
– warm clothes for the evening as we will be outside
– your inner curious laughing child
Optional :
– gardening tools : shovel, fork, hand shovel
– a wooden pallet
Who am I?
Julia Schindler, French-American, I studied in France and graduated with a master’s degree in development and agricultural sciences. I have always wanted to do something for the environment, and when I discovered permaculture*, I found my passion! Since I have been traveling around the world (Australia, France, Germany, USA, Cuba, India…) working on organic farms, landscaping companies, working for non-profits and training as a teacher with the permaculture pioneers.
My passion is to make people not only learn but experience permaculture, and inspire them to have fun while saving the world! Raised with a multi-cultural background, I love traveling the world exploring new cultures and exchanging knowledge wherever I go, especially in less industrialized countries which suffer the most from climate change and our crazy economic system.
*Permaculture is a system’s design approach to creating societies that work with rather than against nature.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all! 🙂
Julia Schindler
Joyful gleaner and sower of permaculture futures
+1 (424) 413 4151

Joyeuse permacultrice glaneuse et semeuse de possibles

+33 (0)7 68 77 31 84

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