Talent Show at the LA Ecovillage Community Hub: Sat. Dec. 11, 2021 from 2 to 4:30pm Free

C’mon out and enjoy some music, poetry, comedy, fun and schmoozing:

WHAT:   Talent Show.  A variety of acts with talented neighbors.

WHEN:   Sat., Dec. 11, 2021 from 2 to 4:30pm (show starts at 2:30)

WHERE:  LA Ecovillage Community Hub, 3554 W. 1st St. at the corner of Bimini Place

WHY:  For fun and connection, event is held outdoors, but please be vaccinated, We’ll also share some of the latest tips for saving energy and water.


brought to you by a grant from the LADWP


NEW COHORT STARTS APR. 8, 2021: Courses,Upcoming Radio Calls and News from Gaia University

A new vision of higher education: Gaia U is an on-line university training leadership for ecosocial regeneration
As we celebrate the turn of the new year, it has also become apparent that the challenges highlighted by 2020 are not over yet. At Gaia U we have weathered the storms, and been able to provide guidance, inspiration and mentorship to our communities; in large part due to the designed-in resiliencies that have made us more adaptable to the pandemic and economic crisis. The design tools that we teach have served us well, but each day brings new challenges as we are reminded that we need to remain mindful, open and flexible if we are to remain helpful to this Great Turning.    More than ever, the past year has made me believe in the power of Gaia U and organizations like it to help communities transition by design. With this vision of uncertainty ahead and the tools of Gaia U in hand; I invite you, our community once more to this years February Cohort. I hope that many more of you will join us and pass it on to those who need it. I invite you to a journey we will co-design in reclaiming our power as citizens and custodians of our planet and communities; through getting in touch with our head, heart and hands capacities. 

I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at our Gaia Radio Calls, our Open Houses and our courses. We have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks about our bigger projects unfolding! Indeed some of you reading this may become peers, collaborators and friends in this year. Many more of you will continue to quietly but effectively do the work of planting, healing, educating, designing, imagining and building which is so needed for our planet and our people. I give thanks for it all!

For a Regenerative Future!

Gaia U Outreach Coordinator

Gaia University – Transition by Design

4-Week Online Plant Medicine Class starts Feb 11, 2021 at The Birdhouse Los Angeles

A Brand New Plant Medicine Series from Elegant Alchemy
Exclusively for the BirdHouse!

The BirdHouse Community Apothecary Presents

Plant Speak, Winter 2021: Rooted
Working with the Earth & Medicine for Your Root
with Clinical Herbalist, Roxanne

Thursday evenings, starting February 11th, 7 – 8:30  PM PST

Suited for beginners and experienced plant lovers alike,
this virtual 4-week series will be held on Zoom.

This Winter we can create opportunities to fall in LOVE with the Earth.

As a participant, you’ll have access to the class recordings and the private Plant Speak online community where you can post pictures, ask questions, and get to know your classmates. 

  • Week 1: The Language of Plants
  • Week 2: The Root Chakra
  • Week 3: Medicinal Plants for Your Root
  • Week 4: More on Roots & Closing Circle

Cost (includes materials)
$115 for BirdHouse Members // $140 for non-members


More info on The Treehouse: Home – At The BirdHouse

Sociocracy for Ecovillages, Cohousing, and Other Kinds of Intentional Communities start Mon. Feb 8, 2021with Diana Leafe Christian

10-week online Sociocracy Webinar, Mondays, Feb 8 – Apr 12, 2021, with short watch-ahead videos & handouts, live sessions for practice. Register here. My mission is to help intentional communities get started successfully, function effectively, and achieve their goals.

I have learned what works well from founders and long-time members of more than 170 communities worldwide — ecovillages, cohousing neighborhoods, housing co-ops, shared group households, income-sharing communes, and more.

Here are two videos I’d love you to see. First, an 11-minute presentation, Three Aspects of a Healthy, Thrivng Community. Second, a 45-minute slide show (with slides embedded in the video) How Ecovillages Benefit the Wider Culture. My books are Creating a Life Together, (2003), (now translated into six languages) and Finding Community (2007) Here’s a 1-minute video from Bay Area Permaculture trainer Kevin Bayuk recommending my work.    

I teach workshops, offer consultations, and present keynote addresses and breakout workshops for conferences internationally. In 2017 I received the Fellowship for Intentional Community’s Kozeny Communitarian Award, a lifetime achievement award for contributions to the US communities movement.

     My workshops and webinars include Starting a Successful Ecovillage or Intentional Community, Helping Your Community Thrive, and Sociocracy for Intentional Communities. I’m an Associate Member of The Sociocracy Consulting Group (TSCG).  I also teach the N St. Consensus Method for groups who like to use consensus. 

I’m working on my third and forth books now: one on how groups can use Sociocracy for better meetings, get more done, be better organized, and feel more connected; the other on helping your community become more healthy and thrivng.

I’m a certified as a trainer for Gaia Education’s Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course, a Board Member of GEN-US (Global Ecovillage Network-US) and formerly a board member of GENNA (GEN-North America). I contributed chapters to the Gaia Education/EDE books Beyond You and Me and Gaian Economics, and the GEN book Ecovillage: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet. I’ve written articles for Communities magazine, GEN Newsletter, the Communities Directory, GEN Newsletter, Permaculture Activist, Permculture Design, and Permaculture magazines. I was editor of Communities magazine (1994-2007) and publisher of Ecovillages newsletter (2010-2012). I live at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina.

Please email me here.

“Your workshop was fantastic! You truly are a master at taking complex material and making it simple — at putting together workshops, teaching, and facilitating. The way you engage participants is brilliant.” —Gaya Erlandson, co-founder, Lotus Lodge Community, North Carolina

“Your presentation at the Permaculture Voices conference was one of the best I’ve seen. . . . down-to-earth, humble, extremely knowledgeable, realistic, practical, insightful, inspiring (and funny). I learned so much!”  —Laura Allen, Los Angeles Eco-Village; author, The Water-Wise Home

“You are a sparkling trainer and a joy to work with. L.A. Eco-Village was energized for a year following your workshop.”  —Lois Arkin, co-founder, Los Angeles Eco-Village

“I love the way you teach — supporting the questioner and question, being totally honest, and keeping a smile and positive, hopeful attitude about everything!”  —Dave Henson, co-founder, OAEC Community, Sonoma County, California

I was riveted — your conference keynote was an awesome presentation. You hit the fundamental, untold truths about cohousing and decision-making.  I 100% recommend time with you as obligatory for any forming cohousing community.” —Mark Westcombe, Chairperson, UK Cohousing Network, and co-founder, Forge Bank Cohousing, Lancaster, England

Please join us for the fifth of eight Zoom Conversations with Jim Schenk, founder of Enright Ridge Urban Eco Village Cincinnati, Ohio and Jan Spencer for A Preferred Future on March 18, 2021 at 3pm PST plus others thru Apr. 29, 2021

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 895 5367 3085
Passcode: 990252


Jim Schenk
Enright Ridge
Urban Eco Village  Cincinnati, Ohio
Mar 18 Thursday
3 PM Pacific
6 PM Easte

Bio, Enright Ridge, various projects, inspiration, outlookwebsite Enright Ridge
videos of Enright Ridge
  Sunil Patel
Patchwork Farms
Asheville, NC
Mar 26 Friday
1 PM Pacific
4 PM Eastern

Bio, Patchwork Farms, local food projects in Asheville, inspiration, outlookwebsite Patchwork Urban Farms
video Patchwork Urban Farms
Jan Spencer
Suburban Permaculture
Eugene, Oregon

Apr 22, Thursday
5 PM Pacific
8 PM Easter
Bio, transforming suburbia, eco footprints, paradigm shift, inspiration, outlookwebsite Suburban Permaculture
Series of 7 zoom presentations
video tour of Jan’s place
Panel Conversation
Lois Arkin
Jim Schenk
Jan Spencer
Bob Randall
Apr 29, Thursday
5 PM Pacific
8 PM Eastern
Panelists interact, Positive stories, challenges, inspirations, outlook  Join Zoom Meeting LOG IN GOOD FOR ALL CONVERSATIONS https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89553673085 Meeting ID: 895 5367 3085
Passcode: 990252

19th Annual Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo – Fri & Sat August 21-22, 2020 from 8am to 6pm – This event & Expo – VIRTUAL

Community Green Day – All workshops and Expo:
      F R E E   T O   T H E   P U B L I C !

Register here:  https://whova.com/web/mgbca_202008

And be sure to visit our booth:
Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute (formerly CRSP)

and our panel on Saturday, 8/21/20 from 12:30pm to 1:20pm
The topic:
Los Angeles Eco-Village: 2050
A Model for Sustainable Communities

Ashley Stoner, Perkins & Will Architects
Devika Tandon, Perkins & Will Architects
Diane Brown, BuroHappold Engineering
Gideon Susman, LAEVI Board (formerly CRSP)
Lois Arkin, LAEVI (formerly CRSP) Board and LAEV co-founder

Upcoming interesting virtual events & News

Thur., August 20, 2020 from 1:30 to 3pm PDT
Building Community in the Great Uprising” – a free event with author, activist, educator Starhawk and Community Land Catalyst Cassandra Ferrera. More info and register here.
Fri & Sat, August 21-22, 2020
Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo. LA Ecovillage Institute Board members Lois Arkin and Gideon Susman will be panelists along with our BuroHappold and Perkins & Will colleagues Engineer Kathleen Hetrick, Architect Ashley Stoner and Designer Devika Tandon on “Los Angeles Ecovillage: A 2050 Model for Urban Sustainable Communities” – Live Stream Sat. 8/22 from 12:30 to 1:20pm PDT
Conference and Expo details and registration here
And be sure to visit our LAEV virtual booth up and running both days. Watch for details.
– CRSP is rebranding to the Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute (LAEVI) and we are seeking an Associate Director to work with Lois. If you or someone you know might be a fit, see the job description here and get in touch. This is our 40th Anniversary, so it’s about time.

– The LATCH Collective is preparing to donate a tiny house to L.A. Eco-Village which will be located on our commercial property at W. First St. and Bimini adjacent to our large multi-family apartment building. This may be the first of 10 tiny houses forming a small cohousing and/or and/or short stay hostel in the north end of the Los Angeles Eco-Village.

Aquaponics System. We are still seeking expertise that can help us activate our system generously donated to LAEVI for an extended loan. Let us know of your interest. Lois 213/738-1254

Rampart Village Neighborhood Council has openings on the Board
If you live or work or are associated with organizations in the area shown on this map (and that includes LA Eco-Village), consider running for the board. It’s easy. Just come to a meeting (they’re virtual now, of course) the third Tuesday each month at 6pm and announce your interest. See www.rvnc.org Democracy at the grassroots is more important now than ever!

The Summer 2021 issue of “Communities Magazine” is out. The theme: “Ecological Culture”

“Communities Magazine” now approaching its 50th Anniversary is currently published by the Global Ecovillage Network – U.S. (GEN-US). The website provides a comprehensive index of articles and authors. Many articles are available on-line at no cost, with some no-cost digital supplements, as well. No matter what level of curiosity you have about intentional communities, ecovillages, cohousing, or shared housing, the pages of this resource rich magazine, whether the most recent issues or 10 or 20 years ago or more, you will find answers to your questions

Order your copy or subscribe here: https://www.gen-us.net/

Open post

“Examining White Supremacy in Intentional Community,” a virtual event Tue., July 7, 2020 PDT from 1 to 3pm sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) plus other events in the FIC series

Examining White Supremacy in Intentional Community

July 7 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT virtual event for the public

Most intentional communities are predominantly if not entirely white. Even if this isn’t intentional, this isn’t an accident or coincidence. In this online workshop we’ll take a look at what white culture is, how it manifests as white supremacy within our communities, and share ideas and stories about how to affect meaningful change. This workshop is open to all participants but is geared towards white people.Find out more »

How to Find Intentional Community: the one that’s right for you

July 9 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT virtual event for the public

This online workshop is perfect for anyone who is dreaming about joining an intentional community and wants to get their search underway, with practical tools and guidance from FIC co-Director, Cynthia Tina. We’ll look at common types of communities and design your community wishlist.
All are welcome to join this beginners session!Find out more »

Conflict Resolution Basics: fight, flight, or opportunity?

July 16 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT virtual event for the public

This informative session will explore ways to address conflict and interpersonal tensions within communities… or any group that wants to work constructively with their feelings. The online learning session will be led by Laird Schaub, an early founder of FIC and with decades of intentional community living and consulting experience.Find out more »

Conscious Communication Skills

July 23 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT virtual event for the public

Interpersonal communication is the #1 skill needed to be able to thrive in an intentional community. Do you want to learn the essentials of conscious communication to be able to live and work with others productively? Strengthen your capacity for listening and speaking with compassion and clarity through challenging situations during this session with author, educator and intentional community founder, Miles Sherts.Find out more »

Branding & Marketing Your Intentional Community

July 30 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT virtual event for the public

Are you wanting to attract new members, gain program participants and fulfill the mission of your community, ecovillage, cohousing or permaculture project? Get ready to re-think whatever negative associations you have with branding and marketing! This workshop will guide you through the initial steps of developing an authentic brand, honing in your niche, and creating an outreach strategy. Find out more »

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