NEW COHORT STARTS APR. 8, 2021: Courses,Upcoming Radio Calls and News from Gaia University

A new vision of higher education: Gaia U is an on-line university training leadership for ecosocial regeneration
As we celebrate the turn of the new year, it has also become apparent that the challenges highlighted by 2020 are not over yet. At Gaia U we have weathered the storms, and been able to provide guidance, inspiration and mentorship to our communities; in large part due to the designed-in resiliencies that have made us more adaptable to the pandemic and economic crisis. The design tools that we teach have served us well, but each day brings new challenges as we are reminded that we need to remain mindful, open and flexible if we are to remain helpful to this Great Turning.    More than ever, the past year has made me believe in the power of Gaia U and organizations like it to help communities transition by design. With this vision of uncertainty ahead and the tools of Gaia U in hand; I invite you, our community once more to this years February Cohort. I hope that many more of you will join us and pass it on to those who need it. I invite you to a journey we will co-design in reclaiming our power as citizens and custodians of our planet and communities; through getting in touch with our head, heart and hands capacities. 

I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at our Gaia Radio Calls, our Open Houses and our courses. We have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks about our bigger projects unfolding! Indeed some of you reading this may become peers, collaborators and friends in this year. Many more of you will continue to quietly but effectively do the work of planting, healing, educating, designing, imagining and building which is so needed for our planet and our people. I give thanks for it all!

For a Regenerative Future!

Gaia U Outreach Coordinator

Gaia University – Transition by Design
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