Saving Energy, Saving Money, Saving the Planet: new opportunities for CD13 residents*. Join our May 22, 2021 free workshop from 1 to 2pm

Learn more about:

o the Los Angeles Eco-Village

o the LADWP rebate programs

o your role in reducing climate disruption

o how to measure your ecological footprint

o how to win prizes & money for participating


Register for the FREE virtual workshop here.

This workshop is sponsored by CRSP dba Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute (LAEVI) and made possible by a grant from the LADWP

* Note that this is a free and open event, but we are particularly interested in having people that live in these neighborhoods attend: East Hollywood, Rampart Village, Koreatown, Historic Filipino Town, Atwater Village, Little Armenia, Elysian Heights, Victor Heights, Silver Lake, Echo Park,

Awaken: ReSTORYing for resilient community with the Reconciliation and Deep Adaptation Institute – May 10 to August 29, 2021 – on-line or hybrid

This course is for you if:

You wish to step forward into personal, collective and planetary change and are ready to access tools for the learning journey.

You have a calling towards restorative justice, peacemaking and reconciliation that is locally honouring and globally connected.

You are interested in being involved in a path of design for resilient community building and deep adaptation.

Sponsored by the Canadian Earth Institute and hosted by Our Ecovillage

Click here for more info and to apply.

Creating an Affordable Cohousing Community: 5 week course starts July 16 or October 8, 2021

Creating an Affordable Cohousing Community This is a 5-week online course sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC), and starts Friday July 16, or Friday, October 8, 2021. The course instructor will be Charles Durrett, the co-founder of the cohousing movement in the U.S with his wife Kathryn McCamant, co-authors of the seminal book Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves and founders of The Cohousing Company. For more info on Charles and the Cohousing Company, go here

Register now: Click Here

A big success last fall by the FIC which held a seminar for folks starting a new ecovillage for whom economics is too often a big impediment. There are many nascent cohousing groups in the same predicament.
Consultants, rezoning, buying a site, feasibility, how to start an affordable ecovillage and/or cohousing—that is session 1 starting Friday, July 16, 2021.

Link to Info Session

Global Ecovillage Network Summit on-line stories thru 5/19/2021

Stories from:

Kibbutz Lotan is an Eco-Jewish intentional, collective community based on a creative approach to egalitarian Judaism and a deep commitment to environmental protection. An Eco-Jewish community linking the spirit and the earth, educating its children to love and protect the environment, connecting them to their Jewish heritage while adapting tradition to contemporary lifestyles. Watch here.

Ganas Community started on Staten Island in 1979. The original founders came together to form a self-selected extended family based on an intention to care for each other while sharing the work, having fun and addressing whatever problems arise, together. Open minds make it possible to talk together and understand each other better. Ongoingly, they are learning how to cooperate, care for each other and share resources. Watch here.

Maleny Ecovillage is the first eco-project of Eco Villages Australia (EVA).  EVA is a non-profit that holds shared land in perpetuity for community, nature and affordable housing. Instead of buying or renting housing, EVA has created a membership model so that, when we have multiple villages, its members can move freely among them. EVA has almost 1500 members, but only 6 residential at this stage. Watch here.

Las Cañadas Bosque de Niebla is a center for agro-ecology and permaculture, situated in one of the last remaining islands of the Bosque de Niebla- the forest of mist-, in Mexico’s central Veracruz region. There, permaculture is used as a design tool with the aim of learning how to implement and share a sustainable way of living. It is continuously developing creative solutions to solve both social and environmental problems that persist in this era of accelerated climate change. Watch here.

ReGen Village, and it’s VillageOS™ operating system software and ReGenerative Villages Simulator™ will enable the replication and global scaling of regenerative resiliency to meet the challenges of safe, healthy and secure communities in dynamically changing times. Watch here. We hope you enjoy it!

In community,
Esther, Gabriel & Keala If you would like to (re-)watch some of the other ecovillage interviews, we are inviting you to purchase the whole Summit Package. We are offering a sliding scale between 35-100 GBP to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.  Get the Summit Package
Global Ecovillage Network, 2021.
Registered charity: SC043796. Consultative status in the UN – ECOSOC.201

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GEN 2021: Global Ecovillage Summit – Living Solutions for a Regenerative World: online April 9 – 15, 2021

Go here for details and to register:
Ecovillage Summit – Living Solutions for a Regenerative World by Global Ecovillage Network

The GEN Ecovillage Summit is entirely free with online experiences hosted by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), and can be accessed from anywhere.

The Summit will take place from April 9-15, 2021 and will showcase how ecovillages contribute to the mitigation of climate crisis and function as resilient communities of practice bringing concrete solutions and actions for earth restoration, economic revival, social regeneration and cultural celebration.

Together with internationally renowned speakers and ecovillages from GEN’s five regions we go on an exploration of socio-cultural transformation and finding responses and solutions moving towards co-creativity, celebration, empowered actions and strengthening community resilience.

The Ecovillage Summit invites you into a larger movement that is living solutions for a regenerative world. Join us now!

Speakers, Hosts and Ecovillages

We couldn’t be more excited about our lineup. Which talks will you be checking out?

And featuring many ecovillages from around the world.


Building on GEN’s Map of Regeneration the 7 days of the Summit will be focused on Culture, Social, Economy, Ecology and Integral Design. Each day will be dedicated to one of the Areas of Regeneration and presenting ecovillages and renowned speakers from all over the world and diverse spheres of action. The first and last day will be framed by a panel discussion while on the 4 days we want to open sharing space for the participant to exchange their stories and experiences.




This Summit is for you, if…

… You want to learn about Ecovillage and Ecovillage Lifestyle.
… You are seeking inspiration and hope for the future.
… You want to join an established network of communities and ecovillages that are regenerating their environments today.
… You are looking for concrete solutions, tools and actions that work towards earth restoration, economic revival, social transformation and cultural celebration.
… You want to connect with others and exchange to build your own network for community-led action

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to a regenerative future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity.

If you would like to find ecovillages close to you have a look at our Ecovillage Map.

Find out more about activities in your GEN Region here

Ready to learn from the best?    Book your place now   Book my place

Cultural Emergence: webinar with Looby Macnamara Mar. 31st, 2021 at 9am PDT

Join Social Permaculture Pioneer, Looby Macnamara, as we explore  the Cultural Emergence toolkit for designing and embodying regenerative cultures. This toolkit incorporates systems thinking, awareness of culture, the Design Web, connection practices and much more.

Cultural Emergence is the title of Looby’s latest book and it supports us in creating regenerative cultures of personal leadership, collective wisdom and Earth care. It is an evolution and synthesis of Looby’s pioneering work with People & Permaculture- the first book globally to focus on the ‘people care’ permaculture ethic; and Jon Young’s wisdom in cultural repair, deep nature connection and village building.
*Please take note of the change from Pacific Standard time to Pacific Daylight time. Find your timezone here.


Sponsored by Gaia University:

Southwest Intentional Communities (SWICA) virtual Spring Conference Fri-Sun Mar. 19-21, 2021 with Keynoters Diana Leafe Christian and Lois Arkin

Theme: “Creating Community Where You Are”

SWICA Spring Conference Program

Before and after sessions for at least 30 minutes, the channel will remain open for chit-chat and networking among participants.

Friday (Introduction)
        6pm – Diana L Christian, Opening Speaker – 9 0 min) – “Starting Your
New Community Effectively: Seven Field-Tested Ways to
Avoid “Structural Conflict”
        7:30pm – Chit Chat in the Parking Lot

Saturday (Existing Stuff)
        8am – Community Building in Eugene and Portland, Oregon- 
                   Jan Spencer (90 min)

        10am – Community Where You Accidentally Live – Lois Arkin, Keynote
Speaker (60-90 min)

        12noon – Lunch and Fun (120 min)

        2pm – Encouraging Diversity – Crystal Farmer (60-90 min)

        4pm – NeighborNet Pods – Steve Fuji (60 min)

        5:30pm – Forming “Laser Heights” House – Carla Truax  (60-90 min)

Sunday (New Stuff)
        9am – Bringing Good People In – Werner Kontara (30-60 min)

        10:30am – Planning Our Post-Covid Future – Panel Disc & Summit:
                Lois, Diana, Crystal, Steve; Werner as moderator
What do we feel is important from here on out for the community
Movement, considering the changing landscape.

        12noon – Closing Ceremony (but channel remains open for further
chit-chat after)

Register online at:
You can also contact us by email at

FEE: $5.00 or free


The Southwest Intentional Communities Association in association with the Foundation for Intentional Community ( and
Cohousing California (


Diana Leafe Christian is author of Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, and Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community. She speaks at conferences and teaches courses and workshops on “Sociocracy for Intentional Communities”, “Helping Your Community Thrive,” and “Starting a Successful Ecovillage or Intentional Community.” An Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) trainer for Gaia Education, and editor of Communities magazine for 14 years, Diana has contributed chapters to three Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and Gaia Education books: Beyond You and Me, Gaian Economics, and Ecovillage: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet. She is a Board Member of GEN-US.  In 2017 she received the Fellowship for Intentional community’s Kozeny Communitarian Award.  Diana lives at Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina. See

Jan Spencer is an activist in Eugene. His 20 year, quarter acre suburban property transformation project is a permaculture landmark in the Northwest.  Jan has been a board member of his neighborhood association for 15 years.  His

interests are urban land use, permaculture, economics, the environment and social uplift.  Many of his presentations and site tours are on you tube. For links and more info, check his website,

Lois Arkin, founder (1980) of the nonprofit CRSP/Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute, co-founded the Los Angeles Eco-Village (LAEV) in 1993. Co-author/editor of two books on sustainable cities and cooperative housing, former editor for the “Ecovillage Living” column in Communities Magazine. Current board member: GEN-US, the Global Village Institute. Helped founding of LAEV’s Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust and the Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana limited equity housing cooperative. Lois lives and works in LAEV. Her current passions include reducing auto use in L.A and retrofitting a former auto shop as an eco-community hub on the northern border of LAEV. She is a frequent public advocate for sustainable urban living and will be resuming regular public tours of the LAEV post Covid. Numerous articles and videos about her and LAEV are online. Contact:

Crystal Byrd Farmer is a North Carolina native active in the cohousing and polyamorous communities. An engineer turned educator, she speaks and writes about ways communities can be more welcoming to people of all kinds of backgrounds. She also serves as a board member with the Foundation for Intentional Communities. Her book The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization is out now. Crystal is passionate about encouraging people to change their perspectives on diversity, relationships, and the world.

Steve Fuji is a native of Los Angeles and a fourth-generation American of Japanese ancestry. After working most of his life in the Hollywood entertainment industry and failing to meet his career goals, he embarked on a path of personal and spiritual growth which led to finding a passion and sense of life purpose in community-building. He co-founded SWICA (SouthWest Intentional Communities Alliance) and co-organized the 2017 West Coast Communities Gathering. Other community-based organizations he has been involved with are CoHo California, the Transition Town movement, Food Not Bombs, the Los Angeles Intentional Communities Summit committee, and the BIPOC committee of the FIC. As a way of bringing more people into awareness about intentional community living, he has been working with various forms of creating “community where you are.”

Carla Truax (she/her pronouns) is a community member at Laser Heights in Redondo Beach, CA. She helped found the house with four other members in 2019. Carla founded At Home Housing in 2015 to connect people in Los Angeles with one another and with resources on community living. Carla has a background in environmental justice, public health, and community education. She is currently a student at UC Irvine in the Urban Planning PhD program. Carla is interested in continuing to do research on intentional communities and build partnerships.

Werner Kontara is Secretary and Event Coordinator for SWICA.  He has been hovering around the Intentional Community scene for many years.  Recently, he established Sunshine House of Healthy Living, a practice community based on a sober living home format, but with what is being called Stage 2.  The prime emphasis is for people in the house to develop an all around healthier lifestyle, starting with our inner issues.  Then outwardly we focus on healthier behaviors, healthier habits and healthier finances.  He is aiming to expand that house to develop a Wellness Center surrounded by a fully fledged Intentional Community.  You can reach him at

Sociocracy: two free classes with Diana Leafe Christian on Tue., April 13 and Thur. April 15, 2021

Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups

2 free classes:

May 10 Online Sociocracy Course:

I’m offering TWO MORE FREE ONLINE SOCIOCRACY CLASSES April 13 and 15. These free classes will show you what sociocracy is and how it can benefit intentional communities and member-led groups. The classes include two useful, good-will meeting processes people can use in meetings, even if they don’t use sociocracy as a whole. 

     The first two free classes in March were full, so Diana is offering two more free classes. The April 13 class offers a brief sociocracy overview, and the sociocracy process, “Selecting People for Roles.” This is an easy, fair, transparent process — with practice during the class —to select roles for the whole community, or for a committee or team.

         The second overview class, Thurs, April 18 offers a further sociocracy overview, and the sociocracy process, “Role-Improvement Feedback.” This is an easy, transparent good-will way to help people enhance and develop their skills in their roles for their community, or for their committee or team.

      These two classes go together and mutually benefit and reinforce each other.

      You are welcome to attend both free classes. I offer them to help people get a sense of sociocracy and what they’ll learn in our 10-week Sociocracy Training starting May 10, 2021.

      Here’s where to register for one or both free overview classes and get the Zoom link and videos and handouts ahead of time.

         I’m offering these classes partly to share useful information about sociocracy, and partly to let you know about our upcoming 10-WEEK ONLINE SOCIOCRACY COURSE starting Monday, May 10. 

    Here’s more information about the May 10 Sociocracy course.

All good wishes,

Diana Leafe Christian
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Group Facilitation for Intentional Communities: 5 week course starts March 11, 2021 with Laird Schaub

Facilitate your group, team, or community towards greater effectiveness and cooperation. Groups often get bogged down by their decision making and meeting process. Poorly held processes can diminish energy for the work of the group and undercuts the sense of joy and identification among members. This does not have to be the fate of your group.

The secret of happy and productive groups is great facilitation.
Distilled from more than three decades of working as a professional facilitator and trainer for cooperative groups, Laird Schaub will take you on a 5-week journey towards mastering the art of facilitation. Whether you are brand new to facilitation or have been practicing for a few years, Laird will help you get the confidence and skills you’ll need to level up your practice. Learn More Plus, get a discount when you purchase this course along with the companion 5-week course, Working Constructively with Conflict in Community! Learn more.
Not sure if The Art of Facilitation course is right for you? Join a Live Info Session with course instructor and communities consultant, Laird Schaub, on Tuesday, March 2 at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern. *Plus get the recording if you can’t make it! Sign-up to Join
Discover more online courses for community builders.
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