Community Connect Call June 12 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT, virtual event for FIC Members and Communities .

FIC Members and residents of Communities listed in our Directory are warmly welcome to join our free monthly Community Connect online gathering. Not yet a FIC Member? Become a member at

For our June event, we will create a ‘needs and offers virtual exchange’ for participants. Let’s share resources and skills amongst our network!

Community Connect is a fun, informative, free, virtual mini-conference and online celebration for people who love intentional community. Imagine the most fun community meeting you have ever attended (a potluck meal, rounds consensus… whatever’s your fancy). Now imagine the same thing happening online with communitarians across the continent, and even the world! Possible? We think so! This online event is an opportunity for communitarians to meet each other, share knowledge, news, and projects, and have fun. It’s something between a virtual mini conference and a sweet evening in the common house. There will be opportunities for you to share about your project, community-themed games, networking activities, and super secret surprises.

Ready to connect? Register to join the June 12th event here

(You’ll receive the recording even if you can’t attend the live event, so please sign-up!)

Sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community:

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