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Los Angeles Green Festival, September 25 to 27, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Now in its 5th year in Los Angeles, this festival attracted more than 20,000 folks last year.   The Festival is full of fun with more than 250 green exhibit booths, dozens of vegan and veggie food demonstrations, children’s activities, arts and crafts activities, a diversity of local and nationally prominent speakers, fashion shows, eco-technology displays.  You name it. 

Visit the CRSP/Los Angeles Eco-Village Booth #716 and read more below for free or discounted tickets.

Bike to the expo, park your bike at the Stromer Bike Valet and get in for FREE

CRSP/LA Eco-Village also earns $5 for every ticket sold using this special unique code XLA15Y28N but only when you buy your ticket on-line on the ticketing page!  And you get $5 off on your ticket.

Go here for more Festival info::

Apply to exhibit, to volunteer, to speak, or for the $5,000 special nonprofit organization award.

Festival Hours at the L.A. Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015:

FRI 9/25 noon-6pm
SAT 9/26 10am-6pm
SUN 9/27 10am-5pm

Easy to get there via bus or rail.  Go Metro!

See the preview guide here:

If you’re a knowledgeable friend of Los Angeles Eco-Village and would like to help staff our booth, let me know ASAP.  Two to four hour shifts are available.  Contact Lois at 213/738-1254 or

Hope to see you there.


Quail Springs Permaculture Farm Tour, Sat., July 25, 2015 from 10am to 4pm

Visit Quail Springs Permaculture Farm, have a delicious lunch
prepared in our earthen ovens, and learn about growing food in the high
desert, tending a variety of wonderful food-giving animals, creating
shelter, and stewarding agricultural lands and wilderness.

The day will include a tour of our gardens, animal systems, natural
buildings, crafts display, and alternative technologies. The tour will be
followed by a farm cooked lunch and the day will conclude with a question
and answer session with our farm managers.

Entry Fee:  $40/person, $70/couple. Youth ages 13-18 yrs, $10-30 sliding
scale. Kids 12 and under free of charge.  Please inquire about group rates
and financial assistance for this tour.

Contact Information: Danielle,, 805-886-7239



Quail Springs Permaculture

Calendar of Courses & Workshops
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Global Ecovillage Network 20 Year Anniversary Summit Live Stream July 6 – 10, 2015

Participate in the GEN+20 Summit from anywhere in the world!
Sign up for Live Streaming to take part in the GEN+20 Summit from the comfort of your home and without the cost of travel
OR create a GEN+20 HUB
Stage an event in your local area where you gather and watch the summit together.
Read more about Live Streaming and register here.

We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future … To move forward we must recognise that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny….

Preamble, The Earth Charter

Organised by GEN in partnership with Gaia Education, the Findhorn Foundation
and New Findhorn Association, the GEN+20 Summit is an invitation
to celebrate 20 years of walking our talk.

Established in Findhorn in 1995, the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) today connects more than 10,000 villages, urban neighbourhoods and intentional communities in more than 100 countries worldwide. Spanning all continents, GEN showcases high quality, low impact ways of living that have led to some of the lowest per capita footprints in the industrialised world, and a healthy integration of heritage and innovation in more traditional settings. GEN has consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.

With its 20 years of experience, GEN has a wealth of inspiration to offer, emphasising local solutions to global challenges and demonstrating that the creation of a different world is possible!

We can live a new story

As human beings living in community, not only is there no need for us to further destroy our beautiful planet, we are actually able to regenerate the very fabric of life around and within us. We can heal ecosystems: the waters, the soils, the atmosphere, forests, oceans, and coastlines. We can create sanctuaries for biodiversity to flourish again. We can heal social isolation and historic wounds, communicate across all sectors and divides and celebrate the wealth and diversity of our cultural heritage. We can create cyclic economies that serve environmental and societal wellbeing instead of the maximisation of profit. When we pool the best of our intelligence and wisdom to these ends, we can shift from business as usual to an entirely new paradigm. We can live a new story.

At this conference, members from all regions – GEN-Africa, GENOA (Asia and Oceania), the South and North American networks CASA and ENA, GEN-Europe and NextGEN (the youth or next generation of GEN) – will present their work. GEN provides us with a direct link of friendship and understanding between people and projects from the North and South, East and West – a heart connection that enables us to feel that we are working towards solutions for one planet.

GEN today

Going beyond the ‘green islands’ or ‘life boats’ concept of its first decade, today the GEN is shifting into becoming a transformative knowledge network that works in close alliance with like-minded organisations and other sectors in order to optimise sustainable development strategies for whole societies. In conjunction with Gaia Education, GEN has developed a set of trainings to facilitate the transition to resilience – learning journeys for change makers and design processes for communities to chart their own pathways into the future. During the conference we will be celebrating Gaia Education’s 10th anniversary and the success of the Ecovillage Design Education course, now taught in over 35 countries.

You are warmly invited to join us in honouring some of the elders of the ecovillage movement, celebrating the present holders of energy from all corners of the world and continuing to look ahead with the next generation at where our learning edge for sustainable living is now. Together, we will share realistic glimpses of possibility and hope for a thriving future.

Download a draft of the conference programme here.



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West Coast Communities Conference, Fri – Mon, Oct. 9 thru 12, 2015 Northern California

@ Groundswell Institute, an emerging ecovillage and retreat center

Join other community explorers in the splendor of nature for a weekend of skill-building, networking, and celebration that promises to inspire and educate. Whether you are brand spanking new to intentional communities or have been living in them for years, the West Coast Communities Conference will provide plentiful opportunities for all to grow their own skills and knowledge. Inspired by the Communities Conference that takes place at Twin Oaks in Virginia each year, and organized with sponsorship from the Fellowship for Intentional Communities (FIC) and Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), this event promises to be a brilliant convergence of those who see the vital role community has to play in the  trying times we live in. Anyone with interest or experience in worker cooperatives, rural communes, artist collectives, or any other kind of communal enterprise is invited to participate.

We will be limiting attendance in order to minimize impact on our land. Please register to ensure your spot. Registration fees are $100 for tenting and $150 for cabins, which includes access to all programs and three hot meals a day. In addition, there are day passes for those who don’t wish to stay overnight. There are plentiful scholarship and work trade options available – we do not want economic status to be a barrier to attending this event. E-mail us here if you would like to arrange a scholarship or work trade.

Go here to learn more about the conference and to register:

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One Day Permaculture Classes in July 2015 with Warren Bush at Casitas Farm

Couldn’t make the full 30-Day PDC and Farm Apprenticeship this year? Then join us for one or more of our specialized day courses!

Throughout the month of July, we are pleased to offer an array of specialized day courses taught by Warren Brush and guest Instructors working in fields such as Beekeeping, Indigenous Permaculture, and more.
The schedule includes:

Tuesday, 7/7- Introduction to Permaculture and Design Methodologies with Warren Brush

Wednesday 7/8- Indigenous Permaculture and Herbal Medicine with Jeanette Acosta

Friday, 7/10- Earthworks for Resiliency with Warren Brush and Jesse Smith

Saturday 7/11- Living Soils and Compost Teas with Connor Jones

Sunday 7/12- Compost Making and Soil Building with Peter Ash

Thursday, 7/16- Broad Acre Permaculture, Forest Regeneration, and Keyline Systems with Warren Brush and Loren Luyendyk

Friday, 7/17- Food Forests, Orchard Care, and Grafting and Pruning with Loren Luyendyk

Saturday 7/18- Bee Systems and Enterprises with Nick Wigle

Monday 7/20- Aquaponics Basics with Andrew Clinard

Saturday 7/25- Urban Permaculture and Bio Intensive Kitchen Gardens with Warren Brush

Sunday 7/26- Greywater Basics with Warren Brush and Jesse Smith

Monday 7/27- Horticulture and nursery development with Mike Gonella

1 Day- $125
3 Days or more- $100/day
Sign up for 10 Days and get one day free- $1,000 (for 11 days)
*includes instruction and catered, healthy lunch
Register today! HERE or at
Please contact Ana at or at 805-649-8179 with questions and for payment information.
We still have a couple of spaces in our full month long course for those who are looking to deepen their knowledge and experience of Permaculture on a working farm! Sign up online HERE. For more information, email
It’s a summer of learning at Casitas Valley Farm and we look forward to seeing you there! 


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for a sustainable water future

Greywater Installers Five Day Workshop July 23, 25, 26,29, & Aug 1, 2015 at L.A. Eco-Village

Watch for more details or go to

Interested in learning all about greywater, installing your own system, or becoming a greywater installer for your area? This course is designed for people with either basic plumbing, landscaping, or permaculture skills who want to learn how to design and build simple, economical residential greywater systems.

You will learn about the theory behind simple and high-end systems including the indoor use of greywater. We’ll cover basic plumbing and landscaping skills needed for the four types of common simple greywater systems. You will learn how to conduct a site assessment, determine which system to install and how to maintain existing systems. Additionally you’ll learn about what plants do best with greywater and the do’s and don’t of residential greywater reuse. By the end of the course you will know about proper installation of code compliant washing machine, and simple systems under the CA state code.

There will be an optional exam and installation for people wishing to be certified and listed on our website. The “installer’s page” contains contact info for graduates who wish to be listed, as well as an internal list serve for installers to share info, experiences, and get support.

Location: Los Angeles Eco-Village 117 Bimini Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Cost: $650 limited work trade available (send requests to

These workshops typically fill up, and we have to turn people away. Because of this, we are first opening registration for the following people: anyone with an existing landscaping, plumbing, or construction business, anyone working in a water utility (e.g. water conservation department). Register here.

If your main purpose of the course is to install a system in your own home, or the homes of your friends and family, please sign up here and we’ll get back in touch when we open this registration.

Learn more about the content and see the week’s schedule here.

This workshop sponsored by Greywater Action in association with Urban Soil-Tierra Urbana Housing Co-op

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Sustainatopia 2015 May 27 – 30, 2015 in Beverly Hills CA

Sustainatopia is pleased to offer you free tickets as a follower of the Los Angeles Eco-Village.
Use code FIRST300 to claim a free ticket.
Please feel free to share with others.
About Sustainatopia:
SUSTAINATOPIA 2015 takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Century City/Beverly Hills from May 27th-30th. We welcome 400 global speakers and major media such as CNNMoney, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.
New this year, SUSTAINATOPIA 2015 will be hosting the LOHAS MARKETPLACE – a special 12,000 sq. foot outdoor expo space (open to the general public over 3 days) and featuring dozens of companies from around the country in the areas of food, family products, consciousness, health & beauty, yoga-based products and other LOHAS categories.
The EXPO is a family friendly event with plenty of activities and vendors for both parents and kids to enjoy.
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for a sustainable water future

Greywater 101/ Introducción de aguas grises Wed., May 6, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Greywater 101/ Introducción de aguas grises

*This is a bilingual workshop (English/Spanish). *Este taller es bilingüe (Inglés/Español)

Learn how you can save water and keep your garden green with greywater. Aprenda como podemos conservar verdes nuestros jardines con agua gris. 

Greywater, water from sinks, showers, and washing machines, is a great source of irrigation and can greatly reduce your outdoor water use. Greywater systems are especially important in times of drought. Come learn about common and popular greywater systems, design considerations, water saving potential, costs, regulations, health and safety, soaps and products, and how to choose a system that is a good match for your home and landscape.

En vez de usar agua potable para regar, podemos conservar verdes nuestros jardines con agua gris, que es agua proveniente de las lavadoras, regaderas, tinas, y lavabos. En este taller aprenderá tipos de sistema populares, cuestiones básicas del agua gris, beneficios del agua gris, jabones y productos recomendados, costos, regulaciones para el agua gris y como escoger un sistema para su casa. 

Location / Lugar: 
Los Angeles EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, LA, 90004

Cost / Costo Sliding-scale $5- $15. Entrada de $5 a $15 (ponga el precio de acuerdo a su posibilidad)

No registration or RSVP required.
No es necesario confirmar su asistencia. 

Questions/ Preguntas:

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for a sustainable water future

Greywater workshop: How to install a washing machine system/ Taller de Aguas Grises, Sat., May 9, 2015 from 10am to 12:30pm at L.A. Eco-Village

*This is a bilingual workshop (English/Spanish). *Este taller es bilingüe (Inglés/Español)

Laundry to landscape greywater systems are simple, affordable, and easy to maintain. With your own L2L system you can irrigate your landscape each time you do laundry, saving you water, time, and resources. Experienced instructors will lead you step-by-step through the design process, tailoring a system to fit your home. This system is legal to install without a permit, just follow 12 basic guidelines you’ll learn about in class.

Aprende como instalar su propio sistema de aguas grises que utiliza el agua de su lavadora de ropa para regar su jardín. El sistema de agua gris De la lavadora al jardín es de bajo costo, fácil de instalar y fácil de modificar. Con este sistema se puede regar el paisaje cada vez que usa la lavadora, ahorrando agua, dinero, y recursos. En California se puede instalar este sistema legalmente, sin permiso, si sigue 12 lineamientos que aprenderá en el taller.  


  • How to design a system for your home and landscape
  • How to build a system- you’ll create a “mock-up” of a real system with real greywater parts
  • What parts you’ll need for your home
  • How much greywater you produce and how many plants you can water
  • What soaps and detergents are “greywater friendly”

En este taller aprenderá:

  • Como diseñar un sistema para su casa y jardín

  • Como instalar un sistema- va a hacer un modelo de un sistema usando partes reales

  • Que partes necesitará para su propio sistema

  • Cuantos galones de aguas grises se producen en su casa

  • Jabones y productos recomendados

Location / Lugar: 
Los Angeles EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, LA, 90004

Cost / Costo Sliding-scale $20 – $40. Please pay what you can on the sliding-scale.

Entrada de $20 a $40 (ponga el precio de acuerdo a su posibilidad). 

Register here/ Registrarse aquí

Bring: Photographs of your laundry room and landscape. Site plan of your yard.

For more information on an L2L system refer to the SF Graywater Guide for Outdoor Irrigation, downloadable here  or watch a video of an installation of this system on Ask This Old House.

Favor de traer lo siguiente al taller con usted:

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Build a Cob Outdoor Classroom with Ray Cirino, Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 10am to 5:30pm at Wonderland School, Los Angeles

After rolling in the mud for 13 years of cob, I thought it would be easier building with Lego® style cob blocks called Raygo® blocks. Kids get it and so do adults.
At this workshop we’ll be building a foundation for the circular cob bench and build some bricks. I just finished building a brick press that you can rent for your project. You will learn the techniques of building with cob and how to get started. Be part of something old and new that anyone can do. 
Event Details:
Date and Time:
Saturday, April 18, 2015
10:00am to 5pm

Wonderland School
8510 Wonderland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
$40.  Students under 18 free.

What to Bring:
Bring your lunch and drinks.

What to Wear:
Old cloths
More info or reservations:
Contact Ray at:
 The Great Challenges we now face as a species present the very opportunities that are giving birth to Ecological, Psychological, and Spiritual Sustainability.
Learn more about the amazing Ray Cirino here.

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