Update on Fukushima and the Skilled Veterans Corps Thursday, August 16 at 8 pm

What:       Update on Fukushima
Where:     L.A. Eco-Village (directions)
When:      Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 8 pm

Yastel Yamada, founder of the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima gives a talk on the current crisis in Fukushima and the challenges to us all. The Skilled Veterans Corps are skilled elderly people prepared to give their lives to the clean-up effort.

Yastel and his associate “Tak” Okamoto are in the U. S. to promote this controversial, yet courageous proposal. Essentially, the SVCF is calling on the Japanese government and the Tokyo Energy Power Company (TEPCO), owners of the dangerously crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, to permit retired, senior citizens with technical experience and know-how to be allowed immediately to contribute to the clean-up efforts at the plant, effectively putting their lives on the front lines in the battle to contain this unfolding disaster.

In addition, the distinguished gentlemen from the SVCF are calling for the TEPCO to relinquish its leadership role in the crisis clean-up and turn the project over to an “International Inspection Team” with a “centralized and unified Project Management”. The members of the SVCF argue that the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is too great for one corporation, with their fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders, to protect the nation and the world from the real and potential dangers.

With Southern California Edison still planning to re-open San Onefre, we still have much work to do to prevent such a potentially disastrous energy direction.

Reservations please: crsp@igc.org or 213/738-1254 (space limited)

Free event but donations requested.

More info:    http://expatspost.com/creative/articles/japans-experts-call-for-u-s-pressure/

Sponsored by Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana limited equity housing co-op, the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust and CRSP Institute for Urban Ecovillages.

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