Dia de los Muertos Celebration at L.A. Eco-Village, Sat. Nov 2, 2013 from 7pm to midnight

What:               Dia de los Muertos Celebration with Jimmy Lizama and friends

When:              Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 7pm to midnight

Where:           140 Bimini Place, Los Angeles Eco-Village, 90004


It’s Daylight Savings on November 3rd!  That means it’s darker earlier and
that means it’s probably a good time to talk about DYNAMOS


 I won’t have anything bicycle to sell you on November 2nd, but I want to introduce all you
discerning bicyclists to the little place by having a space warming party!

 Please grace us with your good vibes and honor our past ones on who can’t be
here in the flesh to party with us in this Dia De Los Muertos celebration.

 Much love and respect.

-El Pinche Jimmy*

*Long time L.A. Eco-Village member, founder of the popular Bicycle Kitchen,  well-known bicycle activist, bicycle messenger in the Downtown LA area, and TEDx alumni, Jimmy’s new venture is the Relampago* space in the heart of the Los Angeles Eco-Village where he will be creating custom made wheels and bicycle dynamos.

Join Jimmy and friends and enjoy good food, great music, craft beer, dancing and other amenities.  Please bring your good vibs to welcome the space into life, adding yet another dimension to the ever aspiring Los Angeles Eco-Village.

This is a fundraising and fun-raising event, so your donations are invited.  Watch for details.

*Relampago Wheelery aspires to be a source for custom wheel builds, dynamo lighting, and a forum for the continuing dialog of why bicyles are so important to the health and future of Los Angeles.

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