Rocket Stove & Sustainable Architecture Combined Workshop! April 19 – 26, 2015 at Cal-Earth, Hesperia CA

Come join Cal-Earth as we combine sustainable architecture with sustainable heating systems! This combination workshop is very hands-on and is geared towards anyone who wants to learn to build and create a useable space right away. In this workshop you will learn how to build your own house and how to build a super high-efficiency rocket stove (masonry heater) in only eight days! As with all Cal-Earth workshops, no prior experience necessary.

Workshop Details

The workshop will include the standard core curriculum taught at Cal-Earth during the first four days. In this unique workshop, you will not only have the opportunity to build a full dome from beginning to end, but also a fully functional rocket stove! The rocket stove mass heater will be a real, permanent installation, inside one of the houses at Cal-Earth. Learn more about rocket stoves and expert instructor Lasse Holmes.

Cost: $1800 for new students/$500 for previous workshop alumni (25% work study  and/or partial gift scholarships available)

Note: Anyone who has previously attended a Cal-Earth workshop may attend the Masonry Heater portion for $500 (April 23-26). Please contact us for more information on this. 

APPLY NOWNote that Cal-Earth has free monthly visitor’s day.  More info here:


Cal-Earth 2015 Workshop Dates:
Jan. 31-Feb 1 (weekend-taught in Spanish language)
Feb 18-21 (4 day)
March 16-21 (week)
April 19-26 (Rocket Stove Combined)
May 11-16 (week)
June 15-20 (week)
July 8-11 (4 day)
Sept. 14-19 (week)
Oct. TBD Permaculture
Nov. 16-21 (week)





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