Mushroom Cultivation & Application course – Bi-Lingual – October 30-November 1, 2015 at L.A. Eco-Village

With Radical Mycology founder Peter McCoy.
Bi-lingual:  English and Spanish (Spanish translations by Cris Sarabia).
     This Mushroom Cultivation & Application Course covers the essential principles and practices of high yield mushroom production for all budgets. 

      Starting with the fundamentals of cultivation, and progressively building in conceptual stages throughout the weekend, you will learn the powerful life skill of growing mushroom mycelium (spawn production) and fruiting mushrooms in any environment. And with an emphasis on techniques and tools that keep costs and complexity to a minimum, you will leave equipped to dive in right away.
     The approach Peter takes to working with fungi for food, medicine, and soil health not only goes deep into the skills of cultivation but also deep into the concepts and principles that underlie them. By understanding the how and why of cultivation, you can enhance your use of the most effective and inexpensive means to get high yields. This empowers you to think creatively in your cultivation design, leading to experiments that are consistently successful in the home, garden, or on the farm.
     Whether you are looking to grow your own edible and medicinal mushrooms for personal use or start a mushroom farm, this course will cover the core skills needed to hit the ground running.
3 day workshop fee:  $250
About Peter:

Peter McCoy speaks on behalf of the fungi, the most overlooked and misrepresented organisms in the web of life. A self-taught mycologist with over 14 years of accumulated study and experience, Peter is an original founder of Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization and open-source movement that teaches the skills needed to work with mushrooms and other fungi for personal, societal, and ecological resilience. Peter is the lead cultivation expert for the Amazon Mycorenewal Project and Open Source Ecology. Apart from his work with fungi, he is also a community organizer, street medic, zinester, artist, musician, lecturer, and teacher.

Peter’s work has been featured in various news and media outlets such as Grist, Vice’s Motherboard, Permaculture Voices, The Survival Podcast, and The Visionary Activist Show on KUPL. His unique approach to teaching accessible mycology has brought him to present at The Permaculture Voices Conference, The Village Building Convergence, The Northwest Permaculture Convergence, and The Telluride Mushroom Festival, Merritt College, as well as for countless community groups across North America.

Peter has written two publications on mycology and mushroom cultivation and he is the author of the upcoming book, Radical Mycology. His extended section on low-tech mushroom cultivation in the book Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes by Leila Darwish, has enabled countless community groups and bioremediators to begin practicing mycoremediation with a minimum of cost or complexity.

From his mushroom homestead in Portland, OR, Peter’s daily practice centers on cultivating, researching, and foraging for new intersections between healthy human and fungal relations. Peter is available for consultation on mushroom cultivation and remediation design, site surveys, lectures, informal talks, and teaching assignments. He can be contacted at radmycology [at] gmail [dot] com.

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