PERMACULTURE CERTIFICATION COMBINED TRAINING at Cal-Earth in Hesperia, October 16-28, 2017

For the past 6 years Cal-Earth Institute and Midwest Permaculture have combined our recognized and established certificate trainings for a rare and powerful learning opportunity. 
This program includes the full Core Curriculum as well as a full PDC curriculum delivered by Midwest Permaculture. 
This year the registration is unexpectedly low and we want to make our best effort to get more participants since our Permaculture instructors Bill and Becky Wilson are traveling from Illinois for the training. See below for some additional options we are providing this year, and please spread the word. We need to get at least 5-8 more participants to make this amazing workshop happen.

Cal-Earth Institute and Midwest Permaculture are combining their recognized and established certificate trainings for a rare and powerful learning opportunity. Having delivered over 60 PDC courses, Midwest Permaculture is an internationally recognized provider of quality permaculture trainings. Their full PDC curriculum will be delivered to students at this combined training so that all will earn their Permaculture Design Certificate. Check out a detailed picture summary of one of our previous combined trainings


  • The workshop will include the full Core Curriculum taught at Cal Earth Institute during the first five days followed by a full PDC taught by Midwest Permaculture

Topics Covered by Midwest Permaculture:

  • Observations and Patterns
  • Principles and Ethics of Permaculture
  • Designing for Different Climatic Zones
  • Soils, Plants, and Trees
  • Guilds and Polycultures
  • Water and Earthworks
  • Utilizing Micro-climates
  • Designing with Succession in Mind
  • Eco-Building
  • Zone and Sector Analysis
  • Aquaculture
  • Planning the Homestead
  • Bio-Fuels
  • Economics
  • Niche Marketing
  • Urban and Suburban Permaculture
  • Garden Management
  • Small-Farm Strategies
  • Large-Farm Possibilities
  • International Implications
  • Starting your own Permaculture Business
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