Power of Community Summit Feb. 1-10, 2019: FREE on-line

Join the us for the Power of Community Summit!

The Power of Community Summit is an entirely free, online experience organized with the goal of catalyzing community, exploring the leading edge of the regenerative future movement and increasing our collective consciousness in a climate-changing world. It will take place February 1-10, 2019 and will feature three conversations per day shared and discussed worldwide on multiple platforms.  To see the full list of speakers and to see which interviews are live at any given time, visit summit.ecovillage.org.

The Power of Community Summit is the very first ever organized by the Global Ecovillage Network, in partnership with Pioneers for Change, an organization with proven success on past summits. The theme of the event is also in coordination with the upcoming Climate Change and Consciousness Conference 2019 to be held at Findhorn in April 2019.  For more on CCC19, visit their site here.

The Power of Community Online Summit aims to turn our conscious and compassionate attention towards a climate-changing world and inspire individual and community-led action for a regenerative future.

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How it works

We will host a wonderful consortium of 30 leading edge thinkers and activists, sharing their thoughts, ideas and inspiration about how to work towards a community-led and regenerative future.  Our speakers include Charles Eisenstein, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Frédéric Laloux, Joanna Macy, William Ury, Christiana Figueres, Rob Hopkins, Satish Kumar and many grassroots leaders. Every day, 3 interviews will be shown online, which you can watch at the time most appropriate for you, free of charge. The Online Summit will be free and accessible to everyone.

Each video will be accessible for a day, and then at the end of the Summit, we will offer a package of all the videos for purchase to be viewed at any time.  To receive free access to the Summit, you must register at summit@ecovillage.org. (NOTE: Even though you are signed up to this newsletter list you will need to register for the Summit list separately to participate and view the videos.)

In addition, everyone who signs up for the Summit will receive a link to a free ebook: “Ecovillage: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet”  Subscribers should expect to receive multiple email updates a day as the Summit begins. For further questions, you are welcome to write to summit@ecovillage.org

Local Hubs and Online Discussions

We also invite you and your community, neighbours, friends, colleagues to set up a Local Hub for this Global Event.

Your Local Hub can take many forms – watching together with friends; arranging dinner parties and sharing circles with neighbours;  public events in the local community hall; and other forms you might wish to create. You could choose to run one or two weekend events, from 1-3 February and/or 8-10 February. Or you could come together in your community to watch an interview every evening. You can shape your Hub into the form that suits you. Sign up here to show your interest in hosting a hub and we will follow up  with more information.

As GEN, we understand the power of community and see that each such meeting or event can become the seed for a transformational local action plan, a bold new project or the incubation of the next level of community solidarity. We will support you by sending out daily topics for conversation and facilitation guidelines.

We would love you to be a part of this! If you wish to engage, please sign up and you will be invited to host a hub as well.

Already signed up? Here’s 3 things you can do to support the Summit:

  1. Please SHARE and LIKE the posts about the Summit you’ll see GEN or your favorite speakers posting on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter
  2. JOIN the Summit Facebook group where there will be space for discussion and sharing.
  3. Consider INVITING friends, colleagues or others to participate via social media or even by FORWARDING THIS MAIL to those who you think would be interested.

Tank you! We look forward to an inspiring event together!


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