Eco Community Seminar – Sun., 2/17/19 at 3pm at L.A. Eco-Village

Join Paul Richardson and Alosha Lynov on their complimentary interactive seminar as they share their wisdom and research, from Russia, on how to practically design and build economically flourishing, Intentional Cooperative eco Communities. Together we will brainstorm various challenges which our system imposes on us and come up with solutions for restricted US codes. They’ll also discuss the integration of the following pillars which pave the way to successful Communities:

o  Beauty and it’s effect on our well being
o  Bio Mimicry and wisdom of Natural Law
o  Economy and Cooperation
o  Remembrance by use of deep cultural traditions, celebration and play o  Resilience through Self-Regenerative and Biodiverse Design
o  Unity via a common vision and individuals’ passions & strengths
o  Sociocracy, and the importance of immediate conflict resolution

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Date & Time:  Sunday, February 17, 2019 from 3 to 6 pm

117 Bimini Pl, Community room #201
Los Angeles Eco-Village
Los Angeles 90004


About Paul Richardson:  Bio-Architect and Founder of Haven Earth Center. After graduating Architecture school in 2002, Paul has had a busy career, working as a designer, project manager and planner in the fields of residential design and construction internationally. ​ His focus has been on residential models of living, and after almost 20 years in the profession, has turned his attention to the creation and implementation of Haven Earth as a means to fulfill what Paul refers to as ‘truly regenerative, natural models of living’, and the creation of the ‘SEED’ training center as the most recent advancement of this idea.   Read more

About Alosha Lynov:  Visionary Inventor, international edutainer and a master builder of Awe Inspiring, functionally Self Sustaining and Self Regenerative Living habitats ​ After graduating from Vega in 2003, where he studied Creative Brand Communication specialising in Digital, Alosha operated his own event Deco business (3D Deco) for 16 years. With the call towards self sustainability Alosha travelled the world, learning from top eco masters such as Geoff Lawton , Mike Reynolds, John Todd, John Jeavons, Ibrahim Karim, Hajjar Gibran, Nader Khalili … ​ Alosha started Bio-Veda Academy which trains up students on the art of building Bio Shelter organisms (eco homes) that mimic natures genius by expressing permaculture eco systemic design.  Read more

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