Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Larry Santoyo/Permaculture Academy: 6 weekends beginning October 5-6, 2019

More details here.

The Permaculture Design Certification Course Ready To Skip The Revolution And Create The Renaissance? The principles of Permaculture are commonly associated with a rural or agrarian setting, but they are applicable everywhere. It is an adaptable set of problem-solving and decision-making ethics based on the patterns and systems of nature. When we use this approach it creates a fundamental shift in our attitude, towards how to create innovative and sustainable solutions of abundance rather than scarcity and crisis. 

At The Academy we forward students’ understanding of the field of scientific sustainability.

We promote:
… Thoughtful Decision-Making
… Creative Problem-Solving
… But Reject “One Size Fits All” Solutions

Our Design Course uses the garden as a metaphor for learning how to balance ecosystems, building business enterprise, and establishing community resilience within an urban landscape.

The Permaculture Design Certification Course is our flagship program.  More details here:

Note: Some classes may be held at Los Angeles Eco-Village.  Watch for details.

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