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Greywater Installers course, June 3-7, 2013, 8am – 5pm

What:       Greywater Installers Course
Where:     L.A. Eco-Village (directions)
When:      Monday thru Friday, June 3 – 7, 2013 from 8am to 5pm daily


More information:


  • Interested in learning all about greywater, installing your own system, or becoming a greywater installer for your area? This course is designed for people with either basic plumbing, landscaping, or permaculture skills who want to learn how to design and build simple, economical residential greywater systems
  • You will learn about the theory behind simple and high-end systems including the indoor use of greywater. We’ll cover basic plumbing and landscaping skills needed for the four types of common simple greywater systems. You will learn how to conduct a site assessment, determine which system to install and how to maintain existing systems. Additionally you’ll learn about what plants do best with greywater and the do’s and don’t of residential greywater reuse. By the end of the course you will know about proper installation of code compliant washing machine, and simple systems under the CA state code and be familiar with your state’s code (if you live outside of CA).
  • There will be an optional exam and installation for people wishing to be certified and listed on our website. The “installer’s page” contains contact info for graduates who wish to be listed, as well as an internal list serve for installers to share info, experiences, and get support.
  • Cost: $650 limited work trade available (email to request info- info (at)
  • Register here 
  • Learn more about the content and see the week’s schedule here. 
  • This course typically fills up, so register soon to reserve your spot.


Building a Bike Movement in Autopia: An Experiment in Group Ethnography, Fri., Apr. 12, 2013 at 7pm

What:       Building a Bike Movement in Autopia: An Experiment in Group Ethnography                   Where:    L.A. Eco-Village (directions)             When:      Friday, April 12, 2013 from 7 to 9 pm


Come join us for an experimental event where participants in the Los Angeles bike movement will create a group ethnography of the movement’s growth and impact on wider transportation culture in L.A. We will reflect on the history and future of bicycling in a famously car-dominated city, using ethnography as a tool for understanding social change. Rather than producing a definitive history of L.A.’s bike movement, the outcome of the event will be a website ( where different narratives and timelines are available to researchers, advocates, and members of the public.

This event is open to anyone interested in experimental ethnography or transportation culture and policy in Los Angeles. It’s being organized by former ecovillager Adonia Lugo as part of the Bicicultures Roadshow, a series of talks and activities happening in L.A. and Davis in April that focus on qualitative studies of bicycling, with facilitation by Ron Milam, another former ecovillager and the founding executive director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Sponsored by the Center for Ethnography at UC Irvine.
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Ecovillage Education US July 5 – August 11, 2013 at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri

Ecovillage Education USWhat:
Where:     Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Rutledge, MO
When:      July 5 – August 11, 2013


More information:

The FIC invites you to join in the living laboratory of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for Ecovillage Education US.

Join us for the 37-day summer immersion course for visionaries, culture-creators, and community organizers seeking experiential training in building or transitioning sustainable community.

A premiere training set within one of the US’ leading ecovillages, Dancing Rabbit in Rutledge, MO, this life-changing course gathers the wisdom of ecovillages worldwide to train new leaders in creating a more sustainable future.

Staff members include FIC staff and board members (and community founders) Laird Schaub of Sandhill Farm, Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig of Dancing Rabbit, Alyson Ewald of Red Earth Farms, Tony Sirna of Dancing Rabbit and several other leaders in the sustainable communities movement!


Register for Ecovillage Education

Register Today
Early Bird Registration ends soon!
Only 20 spots available!


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The 5th Annual Farm Conference May 29-31, 2013 in Summertown Tn

What:      The 5th Annual Farm Conference on Community and Sustainability
Where:    The Farm in Summertown TN
When:      May 29-31,2013


More information:

May 29–31 Memorial Day Weekend Summertown TN

Best conference bargain!    Register here

The Farm Conference
As we chart the uncertain waters of modern times, life in community serves as both a lifeboat, providing shelter from the storm, and as a flagship, leading the way to a more sustainable future.
If you seek a life with direction, with greater meaning, holding true to your ideals, follow the course of community. In community there is strength, gaining the leverage necessary to achieve your full potential.
Take the next step. This Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-31, join with others who share your vision, and leave uplifted, with the energy  to pursue your real life goals.
In community we depend on each other, and it is clear that each one of us has value and something to give, contributions to the whole, made visible through our work.
Find your passion:
  • Green Building
  • Green Business
  • Organic Food Production
  • Alternative Education
  • Midwifery
  • Environmental Activism
  • Peace and Justice Activism
  • Music and the Arts
  • and more
There is room for everyone in community, and you will have the opportunity to see how this can be expressed in a very real way when you are part of our special gathering.
Without question, our Green Building Tour is always one of the most popular aspects of our annual conference. For many years now, The Farm has been undergoing a housing boom, with an average of 4 new homes under construction every year. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to see multiple examples of many types of green construction, including:
  • 3 Insulated Concrete Form Homes
  • The Massive Recycled Steel Dome
  • The Solar School, the largest Passive Solar Building in the State
  • Straw Bale, Earth Bag
  • Cob, Clay Slip and Cordwood
  • The Deltec Home
  • The Earth Shelter
  • A Hand Hewn Log Cabin, Affordable Amish Cabins
  • A home built with over 80% Recycled Materials, including framing, windows, doors, siding, tile, kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures
  • The Locally Harvested Lumber Advantage
  • Over 100 KW in Solar Arrays

What people say about our past conferences:

“I really liked how organized the events are, how friendly everyone is.”
“Lots of hard work went into this weekend. I appreciate your efforts!”
“I throughout enjoyed it and would not change a thing about it.”
“Moved along at a good pace.”
“Highly informative. Very Inspirational. Heartwarming”
“I felt a strong connection to everyone I met.”
“Learning anything is possible!”
“Finally I saw all the methods I had only read and dreamed about.”
“The most encouraging experience I’ve had toward living my dreams.”

Visit Our Web Site to Learn More and Register Today.

The $175 per person registration includes camping and all delicious vegetarian meals featuring local and homegrown produce.

Contact me with any question you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

Douglas |
931-964-2590 office | 931-626-4035 cell

Our fifth conference in partnership with the Fellowship For Intentional Community.


Community Services Unlimited 5th Annual Earth Day April 6, 2013 Los Angeles

What:        5th Annual Earth Day with Community Services Unlimited Inc.
Where:     4505 S. Raymond Ave, LA, CA 90045. Enter the school from the Vernon gate located just east of Normandie.
When:      Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 11am to 4pm


More information:

Community Services Unlimited Inc. Serving the People Body and Soul 

Event theme: Growing Our Own – Free Family Event! Volunteers welcome.  Sign Up Now to Volunteer! (preferred), or 310 780 0426

WORKSHOPS: Making a Seed Bomb, West African Dance, Yoga, Earth Medicine, American Tribal Belly Dance, Fruit Tree Pruning, How to Make A Seed Bomb, Composting,Zumba Dance, Writing Poetry

ACTIVITIES: Painting At An Easel For Kids, Making Herb/Fruit Iced Tea, Using Aloe To Heal and Nourish,TOL Fruit Pick, Vegan Food Sampling, Posture and Fitness Assessments with Biomechanix
CHEF DEMOS WITH: Bryce Fluellen, Garden Gateway, Mirabel Diaz
STAGE LINE-UP INCLUDES:  Just Wanna Step Homegrowne, Normandie School Orchestra, Guerilla Queenz, A Place Called Home, Joannne, Damon-Greedy City, Real Ridaz, Eushela, Sheldon ….AND MORE
LIVE ART WITH: Duce, Heng, Jeyd and LA Life Style
iNFORMATION TABLES: Hunger Action LA, Community Build, Community Coalition, LA Community Action Network, Garden Gateway, TreePeople, BioMechanix, St.John’s Clinic, Heal the Bay, Bus Riders Union, Garden School Foundation, Food and Water Watch, TRUST South LA, UMMA Community Clinic, California African American Museum, 50th Street Youth Program, Master Gardener Program
RAFFLE PRIZES INCLUDE: Museum Passes, Yoga Class Gift Certificates, Jewelry Gift Certificates, Book Gift Certificates, Patagonia Items, CSU Produce Bags
AND MORE……..Free Bike Valet Service and Bike Organizations’ Table with Bike Info and free bike safety checks, Craft and Jewelry Vendors, Food Vending From Chichen Itza and CSU

Together we envision an annual Earth Day event where community residents come together in a safe environment to have fun, celebrate our foods and cultures, learn about and participate in sustainable practices, and connect with each other and organizations working to make positive change in our neighborhood.

Growing Our Own; food, community, jobs, businesses, leaders.

This is a plastic water bottle free event, please bring water bottles if you have them, water stations with paper cups will be available at the event

Look out for updates at, you can go there now to check out passed years’ events.

During the week leading up to the event we need volunteers for various tasks, please contact us if you have any time.   Volunteer RSVP: (preferred), or 310 780 0426

 Address for all events listed: Normandie Ave Elementary School
4505 S. Raymond Ave, LA, CA 90045. Enter the school from the Vernon gate located just east of Normandie.




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CicLAvia Sunday, October 6, 2013 from 9am to 4pm, Heart of LA

ciclavia logo

What:       CicLAvia
Where:     Heart of LA, downtown and extensions
When:      Sunday, October 6, 2013 from  9am to 4pm


More information:

To plan your CicLAvia activities for Sunday, October 6, go here:

CicLAvia: Heart of LA returns to the streets that started it all as we explore downtown Los Angeles on bike, foot, stroller and many more creative means of locomotion. The Heart of Los Angeles route follows in the footsteps of our first five events and helps Angelenos rediscover the origins of the City of Angels. Whether you’ve ridden these streets before or are new to CicLAvia, the Heart of LA route promises something new to discover.

CicLAvia makes the streets  safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike. There are activities along the route. Shop owners and restaurants are encouraged to open their doors to people along the CicLAvia.

Ciclovías started in Bogotá, Colombia, over thirty years ago as a response to the congestion and pollution of city streets. Now they happen throughout Latin America and the United States.

Connecting communities and giving people a break from the stress of car traffic. The health benefits are immense. Ciclovías bring families outside of their homes to enjoy the streets, our largest public space. In Los Angeles we need CicLAvia more than ever. Our streets are congested with traffic, our air is polluted with toxic fumes, our children suffer from obesity and other health conditions caused by the scarcity of public space and safe, healthy transportation options. CicLAvia creates a temporary park for free, simply by removing cars from city streets. It creates a network of connections between our neighborhoods and businesses and parks with corridors filled with fun. We can’t wait to see you at CicLAvia!

Support CicLAvias by participating.  We can make it happen every week, and, perhaps, some day, every day!

CicLAvias got started in LA with former L.A. Eco-Villagers and bicycle activists Bobby Gadda and Adonia Lugo with the first ones organized by Joe Linton with support from the City of Los Angeles and our then Mayor Villaraigosa.




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Fellowship for Intentional Community Meeting April 5 & 7, 2013 Prescott AZ

What:       Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) Organizational Meeting

Where:     Prescott AZ – Manzanita Village

When:      April 5 – 7, 2013


More information:

If you are not familiar with the national resource and networking organization for intentional communities, cohousing, and ecovillages, this is a great opportunity for an immersion experience.   Do visit for starters.

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California Cooperative Conference. Friday & Saturday, April 5 & 6, 2013

What:        California Co-op Conference
Where:     3300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90020, Immanuel Presbyterian Church
When:      Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6, 2013 all day plus


More information:

Join us for the California Co-op Conference on April 5 & 6 in Los Angeles! We’ll celebrate cooperatives by sharing successes and provide you with the most effective ways you can help strengthen and expand the cooperative movement!

The California Co-op Conference is dedicated to sharing how cooperatives are used to support sustainable communities. The Cooperative model inspires people to create grassroots opportunities for themselves and for their communities.

Discover how cooperatives stimulate economic development through job creation, housing, and services to under-served communities

Learn about food, worker, & housing cooperatives

Connect with other cooperators

Co-ops Reshape Communities – they not only create jobs, services, and better prices for their members, they transform communities!

-Click here to register online or here to download a registration form.
-Workshop descriptions, schedules, and speaker biographies are available on our website.
-To find out more about scholarships and co-op auction click here.
-Interested in sponsoring this event? Click here for more information.
-The location is within walking distance of LA Eco-Village; also, it is two blocks west of Vermont/Wilshire Metro station, and easily bicycle from anywhere in central Los Angeles.  But for  information on hotel, parking, directions, and other logistics, click here.

Want to join us for the Co-op Tour but can’t make it to the conference? Choose an option below!




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Arroyo S.E.C.O. Time Bank Orientation Meeting Sunday, March 24, 2013 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

What:       Arroyo S.E.C.O. Time Bank Orientation Meeting
Where:    Go here for location details:
When:      Sunday, March 24 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm


More information:

We are an interconnected community of people who help each other by sharing our abilities, talents and experiences. By both giving and receiving, we learn to appreciate the value of each and every member and also come to believe in the value of our own contributions. When you provide a service for another member you earn one time credit for each hour you spend providing the service. You can then exchange each time credit you earn for an hour of service from someone else. Instead of separating our community into those who need and those who provide, we recognize that we all have needs and gifts to share.

Time Banking is a pay it forward system that connects unmet needs with untapped resources.

For every hour you help another member, you earn a Time Credit. Then you can use that Time Credit to have a neighbor help you:  getting a ride, learning the computer, getting a haircut, gardening, etc. Time Credits value everyone’s contributions equally. One hour equals one Time Credit.  Time credits can also be used to exchange goods, as well as services.

Time Banks have spread throughout the country, and into many Los Angeles neighborhoods.  Come to an orientation to learn whether you should join or start a time bank in your neighborhood.

Local website:




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Food Lobby Co-op Potluck & Meeting. Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 6:30pm

What:       Food Lobby Co-op Potluck and Meeting
Where:     L.A. Eco-Village (directions)
When:      Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 6:30 pm (potluck); 7:30 pm (meeting)
More information:
The LAEV food co-op, also known as the Food Lobby, provides an opportunity for neighbors to co-op buy organic produce and organic bulk foods and selected other items.  Located in the main building of the Los Angeles Eco-Village, near First Street and Vermont Avenue, members may order boxes of fresh produce on a weekly basis, stop in the Bulk Room to buy other foods during its limited open hours  and/or order larger amounts of bulk foods monthly from Azure Standard, the wholesale distributor the Co-op currently uses. We have no pay-for-membership members; all our members are required to work a 1.5 to 2 hour shift once a month. More Food Lobby Specifics.



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