The Soul of Soil* and the Ecocity Future of Los Angeles – Sat July 14, 2018 at L.A. Eco-Village from 1pm to midnight

Christian Arnsperger

Christian Arnsperger returns to LA Eco-Village for the third year.  And we welcome Kreigh Hampel Richard Register, and Gideon Sussman from BuroHappold , and you, our neighbors, friends and colleagues for a special day of interacting with a few of the world’s most creative thinkers for healing and transforming  our Cities into  resilient eco-systems where health and justice prevail.



Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 1pm to midnight or any part of the day as noted on the schedule below

3554 West First Street – Songs Hall and Yard,
North end of Los Angeles Eco-Village on our new property
Enter on Bimini just south of First St.,  Los Angeles 90004

Reservations required: or 213/738-1254

Fees (sliding scale):
Afternoon sessions, 1 to 5:15pm:  $10 – $25 or 4.5 TimeDollars** to CRSP
Catered Dinner, 5:15 to 7pm: $15 to $20 Cash or check to CRSP
Evening sessions,7pm to midnight:  $15 to $30 or 5 TimeDollars** to CRSP
All sessions: $30 to $50 with dinner, or 7 TimeDollars for sessions only** plus cash or check made out to CRSP for dinner.  Pay at the door.

**Note: TimeDollars to CRSP ok for talks; cash or check to CRSP required for dinner.  TimeDollrs are a local currency only available to members of the ArroyoSeco Network of TimeBanks

What the day will look like
though there may still be some changes, so stay tuned:

1 – 2pm:
Veggie potluck lunch and registration – Songs Yard.  Please bring your own non-throwaway eating ware to make this a zero waste event.

     Gideon Sussman

2 – 3:30pm: Gideon Susman, PhD,  BuroHappold

       Peggy Nguyen

Lead Engineer for Songs Redevelopment Team; Ian McIlvaine, AIA, CRSP Board President; and Peggy Nguyen, Restoration Ecologist  take  “A Look Back for a More Resilient Future” –  Songs Hall


  Ian McIlvaine

3:30 – 3:45pm     Break

      Kreigh Hampel

3:45 – 5:15pm  Kreigh Hampel, Recycling Coordinator, City of Burbank talks on:  “How Mulch Good Can We Do? Satellite imaging,  microbial intelligence, the historic role of discarded nutrients, and a group exploration into the enormous potential for regenerative urban farming.”  – Songs Hall

Anaisabel         Mercado


Jimmy Lizama and Yuki Kidokoro

5:15 – 7:00pm     Vegan Dinner – catered for $s by L.A. Eco-Villager Anaisabel Mercado or bring our own – Songs Yard:  Evening Registration, Announcements, Intros and

Jessica Ruvalcaba

Special  GUEST DINNER SPEAKERS who are “Living the Change”, including L.A. Eco-Villagers:   Jimmy Lizama, bicycle activist and founder  of Relampago Wheelery: Yuki Kidokoro, Climate Justice Alliance National Organizer; and Jessica Ruvalcaba, Waldorf teacher/Mom/artist/award winning Filmmaker

     Richard Register

7::00pm – 8:30pm  Richard Register, internationally renown urbanist, founder of the world-wide Ecocities conferences, and visionary  revolutionary talks on “The LA Soil My Ecocity Ideas Grew Out Of – and Where They’re Headed”

8:30 – 8:45pm      Break

8:45 – 10:15pm    Christian Arnsperger, Economic Anthropologist, University of Lausanne will talk about the “Permacircularity and Human Permaculture for a New L.A.: The Wisdom of Ecocity Fractals and the Cultivation of Urban Tribes”– Songs Yard

10:15 – 10:30pm  Break

10:30 – 11pm       Wrap-up panel and dialog with participants – Songs Yard

11pm – midnight:   Collaborative reading of “The Spirit of Bimini” by T.H. Culhane – late night snacks or we might save this for another event.  Let’s see how we feel. – Songs Yard

      Samantha Bode

This event in part or whole will be videotaped led by L.A. Eco-Villager and award winning filmmaker Samantha Bode

This event sponsored by CRSP in association with:
– Urban Soil-Tierra Urbana Limited Equity Housing Cooperative
– The Beverly/Vermont Community Land Trust
– The Permaculture Academy
– Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
– Solidarity Research Center
– StreetsblogLA

Does your organizations or Agency want to be a co-sponsor to help spread the word?  Let us know, and we’ll add you to this list: 213/738-1254 or


*Note that this may be the first of a series on “The Soul of Soil”.  We have borrowed this theme name from the book of the same title by Joseph Smillie and Grace Gershuny  whom we hope to host at LAEV someday.


In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary
of the Los Angeles Eco-Village


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