West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gathering, Seattle area, September 18-21 2014 Fall Equinox weekend

Join Permaculture’s Finest Women for a Weekend in the Woods!

Welcome to the West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gathering September 18-21 2014! This is our 4th year and we are gracing the greater Seattle area! Join us at Camp Hamilton near Monroe/Duvall for a long weekend together sharing skills, ideas and collaborating! Contributing & Collecting in Collaboration!
Where ‘Full Steam Ahead’ melds with ‘Relax and Receive’ for Continuous Thrivability
Considering how much permaculture activity is brewing in our respective regions these days, from public food forests to natural buildings and successful kickstarter campaigns, the subject of permaculture is upfront and growing! We will take a central focus of taking permaculture beyond an interest or hobby to inspiring women with permaculture examples to find their path to right-livelihood and thrive! Thivelihood!! This years Gathering will feature exciting presentations, skill-building opportunities and our first ever Saturday Market Place to support your right-livelihoods, followed by our first ever Dance Party around the fire near the lake! Tickets are available for the entire three days, Saturday only, children at a reduced rate, child care is FREE with ticket for whole weekend. See ticketing page for details.Spend a weekend with strong, committed women who share Permaculture ethics and vocabulary.  Come connect, learn, and laugh!  In a breathtaking space, surrounded by nature and amazing women, you will be inspired and invigorated.

Presenters for 2014 include:

We have an amazing line up of extraordinary speakers!
Jessi Bloom – Best-selling permaculture author, green industry advisor, & owner of design/build 
N.W. Bloom 
Marisha Auerbach – International advanced permaculture educator & consultant to environmental non-profits
EagleSongFounder of RavenCroft Gardens and Healing From the Ground Up herbal apprentice program
Jacqueline FreemanBiodynamic Beekeeper and owner of Friendly Haven Rise Farm in Venersborg, WA
Jeanette Acosta Author and composer raised by traditional indigenous healers, designer and ethnobotanist 
Emet Degirmenci International urban and indigenous permaculture community design

Honored Guest Starhawk – The Fifth Sacred Thing,The Last Wild Witch & Earth Activist Training

Join this amazing opportunity to gather with other revolutionary women!

Picture We are delighted to be creating this gathering and look forward to sharing it with YOU!
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To get up-to-date announcements about the gathering and to be part of the biggest (maybe the only!) online group of permaculture women please sign up for the google group:  http://groups.google.com/group/westcoastwomenspermaculture

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