Earth Day Tea in the Street at L.A. Eco-Village: Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 2 to 5pm

Traffic calming tea in the intersection of Bimini and White House Place. circa 1993

As many of you know, LAEV has a long history of traffic calming activities. Tea in the intersection of Bimini and White House Place was a fairly frequent traffic calming activity back in the early to mid 1990s.  In those olden days, we did it just to meet neighbors who were always in their cars.  They would slow down and roll down their windows and ask, “What are you crazy people doing in the middle of the street?”

And we would enthusiastically reply, “Well we never get to meet you and other neighbors because you’re always in your cars, so why don’t you park and come have some tea with us.”  And often they did.


Now we have an equally important reason for neighbors and friends to come have tea with us in the intersection:  we want you to sign our petition to get big polluting delivery trucks to relocate their delivery service on Vermont instead of Bimini.  Often these trucks are lined up 3 and 4 at a time on Bimini with engines running, waiting to get into the Bimini-facing delivery dock for Seafood City.

So please walk, bike or bus on over on Sunday, April 22, 2018, between 2pm and 5pm to:

  • Just hang out with us, and
  • Sign the petition, and
  • Meet more neighbors, and
  • Share what your favorite planet saving activities have been this year, and
  • And what you plan for the coming year.

Please bring your own cup.  We’ll provide the tea, sun shade, and cookies.

Date & Time:       Sunday, April 22, 2018, come anytime between 2 to 5pm
Location:              The intersection of Bimini and White House Place in Los Angeles Eco-Village, LA 90004
Bring:                    Your own non-throwaway cup
Admission:           Free, no reservations needed, come anytime between 3 and 5pm.

Los Angeles Eco-Village is celebrating our 25th Anniversary all year long:  1993 to 2018.  Come hang out with us and share your stories about your experiences here.


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