Perma-circularity as counterculture: Why we need the ’60s legacy today more than ever: a talk with Christian Arnsperger at LA Eco-Village – Thursday evening, July 18, 2019

Perma-circularity as counterculture:
Why we need the ’60s legacy today more than ever

Christian Arnsperger

Over the past three summers, Christian Arnsperger has visited L.A. Eco-
Village to present his ideas about what he calls a “perma-circular” economy. Such an economy doesn’t just recycle. It strives to permanently keep its growth rate close to zero, and to have an ecological footprint of one planet. Accordingly, a perma-circular economy aims for a new kind of culture—a new kind of civilization—rooted in the ethics and design principles of permaculture.

This summer, Christian comes back for the third year to report on his latest thoughts about this change in our culture and civilization. Over the past year, he’s been exploring the legacy of the 1960s counterculture—what its key values were, why they didn’t get fully (or even nearly) realized, and most importantly, why they’re still profoundly relevant for today.

Christian believes that if we are to build a perma-circular future, we need to reach back for the whole, complex legacy of the ‘60s. The idea is not, of course, to imitate the ‘60s counterculture in a fetishistic way. But let’s face it: We’ve lost 50 years since 1969, and if we’re going to break away from the extractive, masculinity-driven economy and culture that’s destroying the planet we need to draw inspiration from the counterculture’s utopian energy, from its creative drive, its psychological daring and its political courage. Permaculture and regenerative design might well be the new counterculture—but are we visionary enough to forge ahead while embracing what the 1960s have given and taught us?

Read about Christian here.

Date and Time:
Thursday, July 18, 2019
Veggie potluck starting at 6:30pm
Christian’s talk starting at 7:30pm

3554 W. First St at the corner of Bimini Pl.
Los Angeles 90004
Songs Hall/Rear Yard
Los Angeles Eco-Village
Enter on Bimini

$5 to $20 (sliding scale but no one turned away)

Reservations please:
213/738-1254 or


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